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arte ILibrarp 

of tfje 

Unibersjit j>of iSortl) Carolina 

Cnbotoeb hp Cfje Bialectic 


J^Ijilanrtjropic Societies; 
•n WeeKs CoUcci-ion, 






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taken from the Library 



F'ifty-fourth Annual Meeting- 


November mh. 13th. 14th. 15th, IBth. 1884. 



1SS4. • 



Baptist State Convention 

J. C. ScAKiJOROUGH, ... Raleit;h, N. C. 


H. C. DoCKERY, Rockingham, N. C. 

Elder J. B. Richardson, High Point, N. C. 

Dr. R. p. Thomas, l^cthlchem, N. C. 

FAliiUS H. Briccjs, Raleigh, N. C. 

RECORDINC; secretaries : 

N. 1). Brougiiton, Raleigh, N. C. 

N. L. Shaw, Kdcnton, N. C. 


W. X. Jones, :. ...Raleigh, N. C. 


John E. Ray, Raleigh, N. C. 


John T. Pui.len, Raleigh, N. C. 


C. Durham, C. M. Codke, W. H. Pace, 

T. H. Briggs, Jr., L. R. Mills. 

Be^l^DS eF TflE C0NVE]\[TieN 

For i884-'5. 


W. II. I'ACE, President. 
ALFOllD, J. II. 
AIjLEN, G. M. 
BABB, T. W. 
BRIGGS, T. H., Jk. 
DOCKER Y, I r. ( . 
DUNN, P. A. 
EDWARDS, C. 1!. 

OF MISSIOJ^S-Raleigli, TV. C. 

.TOHX E. IIAA', Cor. See., KiUeigh, ^ 

PERKY, .1. AV. 
RICHARDSON, .1. 1!. 

HECK, J. M. 
HUFHAM,.!. D. 
HOLDING, .1. X. 
.lOYNER, J. D. 
.lENKENS, C. A. 
.lUSTICE, C. B. 
McMANAAVAA', .7. M. 

VANN, R. T. 
AV ATKINS, Dk. C. ,T. 
AVEBB, .1. T. 




AVItlGirr, AV. L. 

BOARD OK l5DrCA'riO>i-Vt'^alie Forest Colleffe. 

U. T. A'ANX, President. 






DliNX', W. B. PUREFOY, .1. S. 


SMITH, AV. 1!. 
A'AXN, A. R. 

SV:?iDAY *»CHOOI. BOARO-Raleijih. >;. e. 

N. 1!. BUOUGHTOX, President. .lOIIX E. RAY, Cor. Sec., R:i!ei-;h, X. C. 

BRIGGS, T. 11., Jn. 

HECK, J. M. 
POLK. li. L. 
PKKr,K, W. J. 

POWEF^L, If. H. 
III'XTFi;. A. 1). 

GoiistMiflii of tie Irtli CaraM Baptist State Cmeiitioii. 

1. The Daptist State Convention shall be composed of three male represent- 
atives from each white Association in the State in fellowship with us, of one annual 
male representative appointed by the churches for everj' $io contributed to its 
funds, provided that no church shall have more than lo representatives, and of 
such male life members as have been made so by the payment of $30 at any one 
lime to the Treasurer for the objects of the Convention. No one shall be a 
uiember of the Convention who is not a member in good standing of a Baptist 
church in fellowship with us, and no other life members shall be made. • 

2. The primaiy objects of the Convention shall be to encourage and support 
Wake Forest College ; to educate young men called of God to the ministry and 
approved by the churches to which they belong ; to encourage education among 
all the people of the State ; to support the gospel in all destitute sections of the 
State and of the Southern Baptist Convention ; to send the gospel to the nations 
lliat have it not ; to encourage the distribution and study of the Bible and a 
s-ound religious literature ; to assist Baptist cliurches in the erection of suitable 
houses of worship ; to encourage the proper care of indigent orphan children 
and destitute and aged ministers of the gospel, and to co-operate with the 
Southern Baptist Convention in all of its departments of lalDor. 

3. The Convention shall meet annually, on Wednesday after the second 
Salibatli in November, at 10 o'clock a. m. 

4. The officers of the Convention shall be al'resident, three \'ice-rresidents, 
a Recording Secretary and an Assistant, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, 
an Auditor, and five Trustees, all of whom, except the Trustees, who shall 
serve during the pleasure of the Convention, shall be elected annually. 

5. The Tresident shall preside and enforce order in accordance with Dr. 
Mell's Parliamentary Practice. One of the Vice-Presidents shall jireside in the 
absence of the President. 

6. The Recording Secretary and his i\.ssistant shall record tlie proceedings, 
collect and preserve statistics of the denomination, and publisli and distribute 
the minutes. 

7. The Treasurer shall receive all funds represented in the Convention ; make 
public acknowledgment of the same each week through the Biblic.vl Recorder ; 
give his bond to the Trustees ; forward at least once a month all contributions 
to their destination ; at every meeting of the Convention make a full report of 
his receipts and disbui-sements ; and on retiring from his office turn over to his 
successor all moneys, papers and books belonging thereto. 

3. The'Trustees shall secure and hold the title to any and all property be- 
longing to, or which may be acquired by the Convention, and take a su^- 
cient bond of the Treasurer. The terms, conditions and amount of the bond 


shall be lixed by the Trustees, and in case the Treasurer sliall refuse or neglect 
to give his bond within thirty days after his election, the Trustees shall ha\ e 
power to elect a Treasurer. They shall report annually to the Convention. 

9. The Auditor shall, prior to each annual meeting of the Convention, exam- 
ine carefully all the receipts, disbursements, vouchers, papers and books of the 
Treasurer, and his certificate to the facts in the case shall be attached to the 
Treasurer's report. 

10. The Corresponding Secretary shall solicit contributions to the objects of 
the Convention, assist the Board of Missions in the employment and payment 
of INIissionaries, and labor to promote ihe cultivation and development of 
Christian benevolence. 

11. The Education Board shall, so far as it may be able, assist promising 
and indigent young ministers seeking to prepare themselves for tlie more efil- 
cient preaching of the gospel. I 

13. The Board of JNIissions shall encourage the churches to give liberally i-i 
all the objects of the Convention ; so far as the means at its disi:)Osal will 
allow, supply all destitute portions of the State with faithful and efficient 
Ministers of the Gospel ; give pecuniary aid, so far as can be secured, for 
building houses of worship at j)roper points in the State, and in cases where 
pecuniary aid cannot be given, commend them to the beneficence of the 
churches; and co-operate with the Southern Baptist Convention in all the 
departments of its labor. 

13. The Sunday School Board shall encourage the distribution and study of 
tlie Bible and a sound religions literature in the homes, in the churches, and 
in the Sunday Schools ; encourage Sunday School Conventions and Insti- 
tutes ; continue, and, '.so far as it maybe able and the growth of this v^•ork 
shall require, enlarge the Sunday School Supply Store, and co-operate with the 
Sunday School work of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

14. There shall be an ^Vuditor of the Sunday School Supply Store, who, 
prior to each annual meeting of the Convention, shall examine carefully all the 
receipts, disbursements and expenditures, vouchers, pajDers, books and stock on 
kand, and his certificate to the facts in the case shall be attached to the report 
on the Supply Store. 

15. The Boards shall be appointed annually and report to each session of the 

16. The Conventional year shall close one week before the annual meeting 
»f the body. 

17. The Boards of the Convention shall fix the compensation of their respect- 
ive officers, and that of the Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary of the 

iS. This Constitution may l)e changed or amended at an\- annual session Ijy 
two-thirds of the representatives present voting in the affirmative. 



Coldsboro church— Z. J. Nelson. J. H. Parks, Theo. Whitheld, J. D.- Rob- 
erts, J. E. Peterson, J. A. Parks, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Falling Creek church — W. (1. lliitt, ( loldslioro, G. P. liritt, Granthau's 
Store, N. C. 

New Berne churclt — C. A. Jenkens/New iJerne, X. C. 

LaGrange church — J. S. BizzelI^ Lagrange, N. C. 

Beaufoii church — \Vm. T. Jones, Beaufort, N. C. 

Kiusloi church — Allen J. Hires, S. E. Loflin, Kinston, N, C. 


Mt. Olive chutch—Y.. P. Barrett, White's Store, N. C. 
Mineral Springs church — Eli Barrett, White's Store, N. C. 
JViuiesboro church — 11. W. P..ittle, L. J. Huntley, Dr. E. A. Covingto;i 
Wadesboro, N. C. 


ll'aughlou'n church— \\. L. Sink, Wm. H. Hinsdale, W. W. Phillips, 
A. L. NichoLson, Salem, N. C. 

Le7i<isville Baptist church — S. ]■". Conrad, Lewisville, N. C. 

Reidsville church— V). M. Moore, Dr. I,. G. Broughton. B. H. Phillips, 
Keidsville, N. C. 

Kphesus church — James P. Woody, Mt. Carmel, N. C. 

Yanceyz'ille church — F. H. Jones, Yanceyville, N. C. 

Leaksz'ille church — C. G. Jones, Jr., \'anceyville, P). F. King, \. Hcggie, 
Leaksville, N. C. 

Louse's X Roads church — J. H. Wrnon, Long's X Roads, N. C. 

Winston church — J. L. White, Wake l-'orest College, PL A. Brown, Win- 
ston, X. C. 


Wilkeshoro church — G. W . Greene, Moravian Palis, X". C. 
[.o-,:.<cr Creek church- — W. A. Pool, Lenoir, X^. C. 


S'tcau Creek church — S. I). Swaini, Lnngtown, X. C. 


Wake I-oresl church— C Y.. Taylor, L. W. Bagley, W. P.. Royall, P. W. 
Johnson, E. T. Tatum, J. PL Watkins, K. I". \'ann. Wake Poorest, W. 1'. 
Watson, Carthage, P. A. Dunn, Xcnse, N. C. 

L. R. Mills, Wake Eorcsl. 


Brassjh'/i/s church — W. 1'. Hockaday, A. S. Davis, Grissom; S. II. C'amiady, 
Wilton, Granville Co., N. C. 

-I//. I'cnion church — John E. Ray, Raleigh, J. \\ . Honeycult, Neuse, N. C. 
Foreslville chtircli — I.. Chappell, K. R. \ ann, W. ]'>. Smitli, \Vm. B. Dunn, 

F. P. Dunn, Forestville, N. C. 

First Church, Raleigh — W. D. Williams, John T. I'liUen, Robert Williamson, 
("r. M. Allen, Harris Vaughan, W. N. Jones, J. D. Joyner, W. W. Holden, J. 
X. Holding, T. H. Briggs, Jr., J. W. Heck, W. S. Grandy, W. H. Pace, C. 
T. Bailey, B. P. Williamson, C. 15. Edwards, W. J. Peele, T. E. Skinner, W. 

G. Upchurch, W. W. Vass, Jordan Womble, Jr., Eugene Harrell, Raleigh, N. C. 
Xc-iv Hope church — R. J. P.uffaloe, Raleigh, J. H. Boolhe, Moore's Mills, 

N. C. 

RoIcsvU/e church — J. R. Broughton, Rolesville, N. C. 

IVakc Union church — J. H. Watkins, James S. Purefoy, Wake Forest, N. C. 
Brassjiehis and F/at Rock churches — Wm. J. Fulford, Franklinton. N. C. 
Flat Rock church— V. ]\[. Harrison, W. B. Allen, Voungsville, N. C. 


Cumberland I'uion church — E. J. Edwards, Cedar Creek, N. C. 


Middle S'L^a/uJ) church — Thos. \V. Babb, Wiggin's X Roads, N. C. 

Sawyei's Creek and Fhenezer churches — R. R. Overby, Belcross, Camden 
Co., N. C. 

Edenion church — Norman L. Shaw, Milton C. Elliott, J. P. Coffield, Robt. 
\'an Deventer, Edenton, N. C. 

ITerf ford church — Josiali Elliott, Hertford, N. C. 

Gatesville church — Rev. T. T. Speight, Gatesville, N. C. 

ChappeVs Hill chtvch — Williamson Askew, Elizabeth City, N. C, 

Salem church— \\^. P. Jordan, Hertford, N. C. 

Elizabeth City church — Geo. Baker, Elizabeth City, X. C. 


Piney Grove church — W. I. Lane, Laneton, N. C. 

First Church, Wilininglon — James H. Taylor, T. II. Pritchard, Wilming- 
ton, X'. C. 


Oxford Baptist Church— ¥. P. Hobgood, Jno. S. Hardaway, Oxford, X'. C. 

Enon church — J. B. Hobgood, Oxford, N. C. 

Island Creek church — James E. Satterwhite, Henderson, Jolni T. C. X'or- 
wood, Robert A. Gill, Sassafras Fork, H. T. Shanks, Williamsboro, ^T. C. 

Amis Chappel church — J. H. Chandler, J. C. Harris, W. T. Cliandler, 
Buchanan, N. C. 

Poplar Cieck church — J. H. Parham, Henderson, X^. C. 

Oxford church— H. J. Hester, Oxford, X". C. 


Mt. Zion — J. J. Meadows, Berea, N. C. 

Cencordchutch—]. D. Clark, Dutchville, N. C. 

Henderson chiirch—lsl. V. McDuffie, Henderson, N. C, 

Hestei^s chtncit — Thomas G. Dean, Lawson Knott. R. I. Frazier, Oxford. 
N. C. 

Grassy Creek church — E. J. Ragsdale, Young's X Roads, N. C. 
• R. H. ]\rarsh. J. S. Stradley, Oxford, X. C. 


[. R. Pendergrass, Wake Forest, N. C. 

king's mountain association. 

Shclhy Baptist church— \\. W. ISussey, R. D. ^lallary, Shclhy, N. C. 

liberty associ.ation. 
High Point church — J. B. Richardson, High Point, N. C. 
Lexington Baptist church — S. H. Thompson, R. T. liamner, Lexington, N.C. 
HoUo'ivays church — Henry Sheets, Salem Church, N. C. 


Antioch church — A. B. Patterson, Lillington, N. C. 
A. N. Campbell, Winslow, J. R. Hegwood. 


Chapel Hill church— \l. 1). Jeffries, C. C. Newton. Chapel Hill, X. C. 
Durham church — W. H. Rogers, 1>. W. ]Jattle, C. Durham, J. P. Ciieek. 
Durham, C. L. Smith, Raleigh, N. C. 

Rose of Sharon — Simpson Browning, Durham, X. C. 

Giaham church — C. E. Govver, Graham, N. C. 

Red Mountain church — Chas. R. Wilson, South Lowell, X'^. C. 

Cedar Fork church — P. H. Barbae, 11. B. Scott, Morrisville, N. C. 

Moore's Chapel chinch — R. A. Moore, Saxapahaw, N. C 


Sulphur springs church — S. T. Usher, Sulphur Springs, N. C. 
Rockingham church — H. C. Dockery, T. Harrison, Rockingham, X. C. 
Big Lick chu7ch—\\. B. Harrell, Big Lick, Stanly Co., X. C. 
Cartlege's Creek church — Jas. B. Xorlham, Rockingham, X. C. 


Macedonia — J. A. Gourley, Concord, X. C. 


/'■/;-.;/ Baptist church, Fayctteville — F. W. Eason, J'"ayetleville. 
Cape Fear church — A. R. Pittman, St. Paul's, X. C. 
Raft S'i'atnp cJntrch — John Privctt. Moss Xcck. X. C. 


Proudencc vliurch — J. A. Smitli, Leesville, T. J. Tolar, St. Pauls, 1). \V. 
McGugan, Lumber Bricip;e, N. C. 

LuniberCon churcit — W. T. Jordan, Lumbtrton, N. C. 


Shady Graze chitrch — A. D. Hunter, Ape.\, N. C. 

Jlargclt Street church, Raleigh— V>. F. ^lontague, W. R. Gvvaltney, L. O. 
Lougee, J. W. Denmark, N. B. Brougliton, Duncan McT.cod, Alvin Belts. 
Jordan \Yomble, Jr., T. W. Blake, Raleigh, N. C. 

.Apex church — J. W. F. Rogers, Apex, N. C. 

Selina church — J. K. Howell, Selma, N. C. 

I nivood church — P. Yates, H. N. Parker, Raleigh, N. C. 

Hcpzibah church— Geo. J. Dowell, Eagle Rock, N. C. 

Shiloli church — J. J. Barnes, Leachburg, X. C. 

Cary church — C. H. Clark, Gary, N. C. 

Bethlehem church — W. A. Sater, Raleigh, X. C. 

Collin's Grave church — H. W. Norris, Ballencine's Mills, X'. C. 

Gteen Level church — I. S. Upchurch, Green Level, X". C. 

Smithfield church — J. R. Jones, Sniithtield, X'^. C. 

Johnston Liberty churcit — J. T. EIHngton, Clayton, X. C. 


Xeiij Hope church — D. W. Thomasson, Cool Springs, X'. C. 
Yadkin Valley church — P>. B. Cornelison, Farmington, W. B. Clements, 
Mocksville, N. C. 

Charlotte church— O. F. Gregory, Charlotte, X. C. 

Mootesville church — T. J. Rooke, Mooresville, X'. C. 

Statesville church — J. W. Perry, Statesville, X'. C. 

Mocksville church — E. Frost, Cana, Davie Co., X^. C. 

Jerusalem church — S. J. Tatum, D. C. Livinggood, Jerusalem, X"^. C. 

Farmington chttrch — J. W. Wiseman, Farmington, X'^. C. 

Cataiuba church — J. B. Marsh, Catawba, N. C. 

Salisbury church — J. F. Tuttle, Salisbury, X. C. 


Baptist Chapel church — Robert A. Draughon, Mingo, X. C. 


Hickory, Morgauton and Glen Alpine churches — X'eedham Ij. C'obb, Hick- 
ory, Catawba Co., X. C. 

Lincolnton church — J. K. Faulkner, Lincolntou, X. C. 
Mountain Grove— C . M. Murchison, Hickory, X'. C. 


Bethlehem church — J. F. Moore, Carthage, X. C. 

Bear Creek chtirch — Rev. S. Gilmore, Bear Creek, X^. C. 


Miuily church — W. C. Petty, Manly, N. C. 

Rives' Chapel chinch — Dr. W. D. Watson. Rives' Chapel. N. C. 

Cooi Springs chtcrch — W. G. King, Osgood, N. C. 

Giiiii Springs church — T. J. Toe, Lockville, X. C. 


£nfu/d church — C. A. Woodson, Enfield, N. C. 

Williamsion ajid Hamilton churches — A. D. Cohen, Williamston, N. C. 
IVarn-nton church — R. D. Fleming, Warrenton, X. C. 
Littleton chuich—Y). A. Glenn, Littleton, X. C. 
Cedar Roch church— ]. W, Sledge, Moore's Mills, X. C. 
Peach Tree church — G. W. Coppedge, Moon's Mills, Wake Co., X. C. 
Carmcl church— yi. J. Willoughby, Taylor, X. C. 
Sharon church — L. C. Perkii^on, Oakville, X. C. 

Wilson church — James M. McMannaway, Geo. W. IJlount, Wilson, X'. C. 
Corinth church — W. J. Jiidd, Henderson, X'^. C. 
Louisburg church — A. G. McManaway, I.ouisburg, X. C. 
Jfarriss' Chapel church — A. G. Willcox, Brinkleyville, X'. C. 
Scotland Neck church — K. B. Cutts, Greenville, Pitt Co., J. 1>. Ilufham, 
.Scotland X'eclc, X. C. 

Poplar Springs church — J. C. Fowler, -Sutton, X". C. 
Greenville church — Thos. Carrick, Greenville, X'. C. 
Rocky Mount church — John T. Lynch, Rocky Mount, X. C. 
BroTcn's church — John Watson, Warrenton, X'. L'. 


Pethcl church — J. A. lUvens, Monroe, X". C. 
Monroe church — D. M. Austin, Monroe, X. C. 


Buckhorn church — R. R. Savage, Como, N. C. 

Murfreesboro church— Q. W. Scarborough, Murfrecsboro, X. C. 

Bethlehem church — R. P. Thomas, Bethlehem, X'. C. 

Mars //ill church— W. B. Williams, liarrellsville, X. C. 

Elani church — P. T. Warren, Hick's Ford, ^'a. 

Murficeshoro' liapiisl church — James A. Delkc, Murfrecsboro, X. C. 


Mount .liry church — C. C. Haymore, Mount Airy, X. C. 
Recce's church — D. A. Davis, Boonville, X. C. 
.Ifacedonia church — C. R. Orrender, Tobaccovillc, X. C. 
Yadkinsville church — T. D. Ca.sstevens, Mt. Xebo, Yadkin Co., X. C. 
Western Ba/'tisI Conicntion — B. Dalton. M. 1,. Rickman, Wake Forest, 
N. C. 


1>F 'JIIE 

•#iHPTisT State ilONVENTiOM.^ 

Rai.kicii, X. C, Xo\-. 1 2th, 1884. 

The fift)--fourth annual session of the Baptist State Con- 
Aention of North Carolina met in the Salisbury Street Bap- 
tist Church of Raleigh, this morning at 10:30 o'clock, and 
was called to order b\' the former President, Bro. JoiiN C. 
SCARHORiH'CM, who requested Rev. Rev. B. W. lU'SSEV, of 
Shelb)-, to conduct the opening exercises. Bro. BUSSEV 
read the 90th Psalm, and after singing. Elder Ri:UF,E\ 
JoXKS, of Virginia, offered pra}'er. 

Elder T. H.VRRISOX, V. V. Hobcood and Elder \\". J. 
h'^lM.l-ORl ) \vere appointed a committee on Credentials. They 
reported i 14 delegates present and enrolled. 

Elder J. A. SiRADl.KV, H. C. D()CK^:R^• and Elder \V. l\ 
JoRDAX were appointed as tellers, and the Conxention ])ro- 
ceeded to the election of President, resulting in the re-elec- 
tion of Bro. JoHX C. S( ARlsoRoucn. 

(^n motion of Elder J. H. Hl'FHA.M, a committee of three 
were appointed to nominate the remaining officers. 

The motion prevailed, and the President appointed as 
sa^d committee Elder R. H. Marsh, Dr. A. R. Vaxx, Elders. 
H. W. NoRRls, R. R. Savack and N. B. Cobb. 

The committee reported the following, which was adopted: 

Vi(E-Pkesidi-:nis— H. C. Dockeiy, Rockingham ; Kkler Jas. 11. Richardson, 
High Point; Dr. R. P. Thomas, Bethlehem, Hevtf.ird Co. 

Treasurer — Fabius H. Briggs, Raleigh. 

Recording Secretaries — N. B. Broughton, Raleigh; X. L. Shau , 

Auditor — W. N. Jones, Raleigh. 

CoRRESrONDiXG SECRETARY — Tohn E. Rav, Raleidi. 


The report of the committee \\as adopted. 

The President extended invitation to \isitiny; brethren tc 
take seats with us. 

Elder Reubex Jones, of Churchland, \'a., Rev. Dr. JoihN' 
Mitchell, Asheville, and Re\-. N. B. Cobb, Hickory, repre- 
senting Western Baptist Convention, and Bro. N. J. Nolta , 
of Baltimore, Md., were introduced and welcomed. 

Rev. F. R. Howell, representing the Baptist State Con- 
vention, colored, Wcis \\elcomed. 

On motion of Elder C. DlirhA-NL t,he Pastors and Deacon.s 
of this church and Plargett Street church were appointed a 
committee on extra religious ser\ices. 

On motion of Bro. John E. Ra\', the following was fixed 
as the time for the sittings of this body : Meet at 9:30 A. M.. 
adjourn at 2 P. M. Meet at 7:30 P. M. and adjourn at will. 

The President appointe>tl Elders R. R. ()\EK!!\, A. G. 
AIcM.^^■A\VA^■, Ge()R(;e \\'. Greexk as committee on Peri- 

The follow ing brethren were ap|)ointed as j^^inance Com- 
mittee : L. W. Haci.en', Dr. R. 1). Im.kmixc. S. H. Cax- 


Elder C. Dlrham, as chairman of committee appointed 
at last session (p. 43) to revise the Constitution, submitted 
the following report : | See pages 4 and 5. | 

On motion of Elder J AS. S. l'^REI•■o^', the consideration 
of the report was postponed until to-morrow 12 o'clock, and 
it was ordered printed. 

The report of the Board of State .Missions was tlien re?td 
as follows: 

'J'o the liapliH Slate Canvculioii of Xor/h Carolin-i : 

With leelings of profoiiiul giiititudc to Almighty (iod for hi.s iiiaiiifultl inor- 
cios and Hi.s ahuiidant blessings, we present this our lifty-fourih annual 
report. The Lord lias so Avondorlully prospered the ellorts of hispeoplc in thi^ 
department of our labors, that its growth has been almost miraculous. I'or thi- 
past seven years a steady anil rapid increase has marked its course, until, iu- 


*teacl of iiiue missionaries uuder tlie supervision oi' your Uoard, tliere are now 
«ixiy-three ! Year after year, too, has the cause grown nearer and dearer to the 
vast multitudes of our brotherhood, and to-day the mention of the interests of 
state Missions sends a thrill to the hearts oft/wttsajids of its earnest supporters. 
'JTliere is no more plcasin"; teature of the worlc tiian that it is tailing hold upon 
the masses. 

Your Board has endeavored to supply the destitution whicli calls so loudly to 
us for aid. Acting upon the advice of the last Convention, larger outlays were 
made, moi-c men were employed, and sixty-three earnest, devoted, consecrated 
luen Avere sent out into the highways and hedges to break the bread of life to 
?iungry souls. As to how well they have performed their part, let the results 
herewith recorded speak. 

But after exhausting the means at ourcommaiul andgoingasfaras wedeemcd 
wise in tlie matter of appropriations, there were still several appeals for help 
which we could not meet. Nor is the destitution nearly all occupied. The vast 
lields referred to in our last report and which are already so well known have 
been only partially supplied. And with the exception of the interest recently 
revived on Roanoke Island, those three whole co!<?i//es— Pamlico, Hyde and Dare— 
•^till hang like a pall over our eastern border, without a single Baptist church or 
Baptist preacher. In the name of the Author of our salvation, we appeal to the 
Baptists of North Carolina to give us the means an:l pray God to send us the 
fiieii to go into this long neglected field. 


Associations in this Convention last year, 2!) 

Associations in this Convention this year, :U 

New churches organized tliis year, , .' 2;! 

VVhole number of churches, 8% 

Present number of communicants, 87,057 

Baptists in Western Convention, 25,327 

^Baptists in North Carolina working tlirough the Convention of Virginia, 

Tentiessec and .South Carolina, .■ 8,192 

*Colored Bapiists in North Carolina, 110,69!) 

Whole number of jNIissionary Baptists in Nortli Carolina, 2;il,'275 


Keceipts of the Stale Board, So, 089 59 

Liabilities, 6,514 45 

Indebledness, 8524 8(> 

Collected by Missionaries on the tiekl, 57,895 17 

Paid for buiktiug33 new churches, assuming$SOO to be an average cost, S26,400 (W 

-Statistics of ISS:;. 


Anson, S 329 00 \ Pee Dee, S i 1 00 01) 

Beulah ... 305 00 | Raleigh, 520 00 

Brown Creek, 6 07 Robeson 80 00 

(>ape Fear 25 00 Rocky River 75 00 

Catawba River, 13i00 Sandy Creek, 266 66 

i'edar Creek, tl50 00 South Fork, 1200 00 

Eastern, 837 50 South River, t50 00 

FlatRlvei- 227 5-3 ' South Yadkin, 370 02 

King's Mountain, 170 86 j Tar River, 1,564 80 

Libertv 213 31 I Three Forks, 60 13 

Little River, foO 00 i Yadkin, tloO 00 

Mt. Zion *3,650 00 

Total for Associational Missions.^ t.f9,532 99 

Whole amount for State Mission work, 349,817 75 

- Church building included. fApproximated. % The other Associations do all 
iheir work throush the State Board. 

14 -MiM"ii-:s OF Till-: 

At the last Couvention your Board authorized the Corresponding Secretary ti» 
employ, as far as practicable, the joung ministers, who are pursuing their 
•studies at Wake Forest and Louisville, to labor during their vacation in desti- 
tute fields, to assist such pastors as desired them in holding meetings, etc. As 
many as 12 of them bave x-eported their labors to us, and the results ai"e most 
wonderfully encouraging. They labored 13G -weeks, assisted in 80 protracted 
meetings, preached 716 sermon?, witnessed 870 profesiions and GtVi baptisms, and 
collected .?l,OH..'>"i to aid them in their woric. For farther particulars, see Tabu- 
lated Reports. 


In reviewing the year's work, there are many things to encourage us to re 
newed and enlarged etforts for the spread of the go.spel in the .State. The breth- 
ren are taking more and more interest in this great cause, as they realize its im- 
portance, and are rallying to its support as never before. Our Missionaries, too, 
liave shown great fortitude, devotion and self-sacriflce. It is to be regretted 
that the funds wvme in so slowly the first of the year as to cause considerable 
embarrassment to the Soard and some of our Missionaries to suffer great incon- 
venience. Let us put forth greater efTorts than lieretofore, that this may never 
ngain be the case. A large number of new fields are calling to us for aid and we 
should thank (iod for it. It is only an evidence of the growth of Christ's king- 
dom, and we trust that the Convention will make 'ample provision to send the 
glad news of salvation into every neighborhood in North Carolina where there 
are souls hungering for the bread of life. We must never be satisfied until we 
realize the object of our prayers, and have conriuered Xorth ( 'arolinn fin- .Tesus 


Our number of missionaries has so greatb* increased that we shall have room 
for only a line from each. For full particulars, see the Tabulated Reports an- 

Eastkkx .'^Kcrjox. 

Flder \\'. I.. M.tget reports encouragingly from t'nriilui-Ic county. 

Elder .losiah Elliot has sent no report of his labors. 

Elder A. D. Cohen writes: " W'c are plouzhin-^ and sowing, and may loolc for 
an abundant harvest in time." 

Elder T. T. Speight tells of a good work accomplished at Eureka. 

Elder R. E. Peele says : " The field is growing in interest and the i>rospecls 
are brightening continually." 

Elder T. J. liCary gives most gratifjMng rejiorts of the work in the northern 
liart of Carteret county. 

Elder W. T. Jones writes: " I thiak we have great reason to be encouraged." 

Elder Thos. Carrick says he is building up a good congregation .at Pacfolus, 
and he has never seen a more attentive audience than at Faulkland. 

Elder \V. 1!. Knight is moving steadily on with the woik in Grei-ne county. He 
has organized two new Sunday Schools. 

Elder C. S. Cashwell has laljored manlully loi- Christ in the Eastern .\ssociation 
and reports line results. 

l-",lder W. M. Kennedy has done a very line work in some destitute portions of 
the Eastern Association, and Ood has greatly encouraged bvm. 

Elder <;. W. Xcwell reports the house at Fishing Creek about finished, and 
^everal baptisms. 

Elder C. A. Woodson says: " It gives me great pleasure to slate tliat the I,oril 
has greatly iiicouraged me r,n my field." * ■■'■ * * 


Eliler A. <J. Willcox tells u.s the cliurch at Ciuanlcio ha; liecotne sell-sus- 
taining', and he is building two other houses. 

Elder R. D. Harper has continued his labors at Free Cliapel and has baptized 
scTeral members. 

Klder G. W. Coppedge has had a g;od niuuber of additions to his eluirch and 
reports a good meeting -with nineteen professions. 

Klder J. K. Howell has done a fine work in .Tohnston county outside of hi8 
preaching, by distributing good literature. 

Elder ^V■. B. Pope has done a good work at Smithville since his graduation at 
Wake Forest last June, notwithstanding he has had three spells of fever. 

Elder .T. R, Jones writes: " The spiritual condition of the church is improv- 
ing, and I think in a few years it will be strong." 

MioDi.i-: Section. 

Elder N. (J. l^urnett began his labors at Laiirinburg the first of June, Ijut 
sickness in his family compelled him to return to Virginia. 

Elder T. Harrison reports the work progressing nicely on his field. He has 
recently assisted in organizing a new church. 

Elder \V. G. King has done a most excellent work as mi>sio .ary andcolporter 
of the Sandy (Jreek Association. 

Elder J. F. Moore has been laboring on Deep River since last June. Tlie desti- 
tution is very great, but the prospects are very good. 

Elder R. A. Patterson has built a house of worship at one of his stations in 
Orange county. 

Elder W. L. Wright is hard at work to build a house for the Lord at Swep.sou- 
ville. And he will soon have it finished. That is the way he does things. 

Elder C E. Gower is to be congratulated that he has raised the debt from the 
church property in Graham, besides doing other valuable work. 

Elder ?.. A. Moore, the born colporter, has been going about through the Mt. 
Zion Association "doing good." Hehas -sold over 51,000 worth of good books. 

Elder F. H. .Tones, besides preaching to four churches regularlj-, has gone out 
on Sunday afternoons and fifth Sundays, and occupied four stations, built two 
houses, baptized fifteen, and organized a Sunday School. 

Elder P.. H. Phillips writes: "The outlook is very favorable. We have decided 
to live by ourselves another year, a^d are also building a parsonage." 

Elder W- H. Wilson has labored faitlifully at a point in Rockingham county, 
where lie hopes shortly to reap some fruit. 

Elder R. W. Crews tells us that the^utlook is very favorable at the point he 
occupies in Stokes county. 

Elder D. G. Taylor has organiz-d a church at his mission station and says, 
"The outlook is flattering." 

Elder E.F. Baldwin prosecuted iiis labors at Greensboro, until he was called 
upon to visit Africa. 

Elder J. B. Richardson is in the midst of a destitution of over 2,(H)I) scjuarc 
miles. He gives a most touching account of the needs of the people and their 
anxiety for the gospel. 

Elder Henry Sheets gives us a most cheering report of his labors in Randolph 
county, Avhere he has recently baptized fourteen .souls, in the presence of hun- 
dreds of people who never before witnessed a baptism. 

Elder H. Morton rendered very valuable services on his field in tlie Liberty 
Association. He has helped to organize a chui'ch. 

Elder D. C. Galbreth has done a fine work on his field. At Kernersville he has 
succeeded in organizing a good church. 

Elder B. F. Copple says the prospects at his mission station are much more 
promising than hereloforc. 


Elder y. II. Thompson gives us good news about the work at Lexington. Tliey 
desire, and sliould liave, preacliing three times a month. 

Elder P. H. Pernell has devoted lialf his time to mission worli iu tlie Anson 
Association, and God has richly blessed his efforts. 

Elder X. S. Jones did a good work as colporter in tlie Raleigh Association 
I'or several months. 

Wk.sterx Section. > 

Elder J. F. Tattle writes : '• I tliink there is now a fair prospect of a slow bnt 
steady growth" for the Salisbury church. 

Elder J. W. Perry has labored hard lor the Master's cause at Statcsville. Tliis 
is another hard Jield, and will requ re much prayer and faith. 

Elder T. J. Rookc says: "lam persuaded that the time is coming wlien we 
will have a strong cliurch here, if it is properly nourished." 

Elder .S. F. Conrad has built a nice house at Hnntsville, held a meeting and 
baptized 17 int« the fellowship of the church. 

Elder W. H. ISeamer tells of good results arising from hi.s efforts in Surry county. 
The field is white to the harvest. 

Elder T.D. Castephens speaks of a gracious revival of religion at his mission 
station, which resulted in 25 professions. 

Elders J. IT Lewellyu and Wm. Phillips have not reported their labors. 

Elder C. C. Haymore writes: "This field is an important one, and Ave ought 
by all means to have preaching in Mt. Airy every week." 

Elder J. K. Faulkner has not been idle in his portion of the moral vineyard, 
as his reports will show. 

Elder J. A. Hoyle says: "The Lord has most wonderfully blessed my labors 
at this place this year." A protracted meeting was held and 13 prolessed faith. 

Elder J. F. Morris is striving to build a house of worship at :Mt. Holly. He 
says they can organize a church there with about 20 memb m's. 

Elder J. B. Marsh thinks the completion of the railroad to Taylorsville will 
))utnew life into the place. It is evident! j' growing. 

Elder W. J. P>umgarner tells us of a very rapid growth on his field. He is 
building at one powit and expects to organize a church at another this mouth. 

Elder ^V. A. Pool is pushing the work at Lenoir, and the Lord is smiling upon 
his efforts. They will soon have a house ot worship. 

Elder E. N. Gwyn still goes about "doing good" in the Brier Creek Associa- 
"lion, and is fast developing the body. 

Elder N. B. Cobb says the prospects are good for building up a self-sustaining 
interest at Glen Alpine, and the work is moving on nicely at Hickory and Mor- 

Elder G. W. Harman labored a tew weeks at Marion and Old Fort before his 
departure from the State 

joqio JOJ 


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googg ^^ g.og 


o o • o o lO c^ * . "^ : ■ : oo ; to ca i^ : c^j ^.»i • • c* ^^ • - -to : 
!M : rH r-t ; ; : : :^h : r^ :c^i-h : : t— t ; ; ;c^ ; 


oS :SS S :^ : :=^ : :§ ■ omS -SS • jSco • • •§ ■ 

paw SjaOmO 1 : 1 • I : ■ : : • I • : : : 

•■,' XnpunS 1 • : : --.1 : • 1 ; • • : : : : 

•paziU'BSJO 1 : : : : 

: .<M : '-1 . : ; : : : : : ::;::.:;:■-':: 



•saipiina 1 i : i" 
saqo.mqr) 1 i : : 

""":;: i ;'"' i i i i : i i i"^ i i""* i i : : ; ; 

•iiinq 1 i ; i i 

saqojnqo | • f • 1 

: i i i : '"'::: "^ : : : : ; : i : : ^"^ : : * : : 

•poziuu:^aO 1 :!:"'": : : : :::::: : : ': -"^ : : : : I : i : i : 
sa'qaanqo | • • • 1 • • • ::••:: ■ • • • •::::::::■ 


ja^CBJ^ 1 I : : ; • : : ^ : 


! paAiaoaiT 1 i : : : : : • • : 

""'' i 1 i^ i 


. 1-^ : : ; »*'3 CO : 

•TT'ITT'T Trt ( .7-l"0 ;lO 1^ I^ I cc tO ^^ »0 1— ; 00 ; t^ ; C^l ; »:3 

qtit-J J'-' : ^ :rH 1.-3 : : (Mthc-j oo : f-i ir-i :-h :co 
SnOlSSa.IOJrT 1 • : : : : : : : 

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; paiOKIlOJfT 1 : -= I i ; ; : : 

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•"H-wciii^S^j CO K>00'O-r COC5 i^couirtt^isjr-^ioj -n oq c: oo ■^ -h i> C3 M co co 

rsuon'Bls^no | 

;CO ; r-iCC.— ip^ :r-t :r 

•panddns I 

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MoqcT T 

.JO Jjoa \V 

•^'^^^-(r-^-T CM f—G>4CiOa(»-'CC-C^^/-if-ia)CCCOr 

— ^ ■- '^ -■ -^ — O H >-UO rH -91 O i-H — I lO r-i 

3;S O :S ?i > rt^<' o "^ 
.- ■" be S ^ ~ ~ " ""^ ^ 

S oj be ^^ a> _ 

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■:t io ic >— « to 00 ^^ o 

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* ci 

20 MINI ri:s OF iiii; 

Outside Missioxakv Work. 

Several other orethren have been laboring for the Master, but not under the 
supervision of your Board. Three brethren have been employed in the Flat 
River Association. Elder J. H. Vernon has alto occupied two points of consid- 
erable importance between the Mt. Zion and Beulah Associations. Elder 1>. 
<iilliland has done voluntary work in the Chowan Association, and so has Bro, 
A. A. Parrish. 

Elder W. B. Harrell has voluntarily preached at Albemarle, the county seat of 
Stanly county. There is much destitution in this county. Several others have 
labored under the direction of Executive Boards of Associations and volun- 
tarily, among whom are: Brethren J, A. Rector and D. W. Conway, of the 
t'atawba River Association; G. P. Hararick and G. M. Webb in the King's 
Mountain; J. L. Smith, of the Sandy Creek; J.W. Gore in the Cape Fear ; W. S. 
Ballard, R. H. James and A. C. Davis in the Rocky River; and three or four 
brethren in the Cedar Creek,— 20 in all. These, with the twelve young ministers, 
make flo who have spent a part of their time in this work. 

FoRKiGN Mx.ssiors. 

The conventional year has been unusually fraught with missionary move- 
ments. A large number of men and women have decided to consecrate them- 
selves to the Foreign work and have gone to their fields of labor; Miss Emma 
Young, F. C. Hickson and wife. Miss Mattie M. Roberts, (since married,) J. jM. 
.Joiner and wife, and K. E. Devault and v,'ife, to China ; W. \V. Harvey and wife, 
and S. M. Cook to Africa; and Misses Addie Barton and Mary C. Tupper and 
F. M. Myers and wife, to Mexico. 

Unusual success has attended the labors of our veteran niissionaries who have 
been so long battling against error in the land of darkness. In Africa .31 have 
been baptized, 19(1 collected into their schools, about ?J00 raised out of a mem- 
bership of only 125. In China 05 have been baptized, :!0G kept in the schools, 
J()77.:?9 collected, with Oil members in their churches. To say nothing of the 
grand achievements of the others, our own beloved Yates says of his field: " We 
have increased the area of our work tenfold, and men and means should be 
increased in more than a corresponding ratio." And then his translation of 
the New Testament Scriptures into the colloquial of his province, is one of tJie 
greatest works of the age. In Italy 7 baptized, 112 scholars in Sunday-school, 
and 220 members in the churches. Here our work is progressing well, even 
under the very shadow of the Vatican. In Brazil the statistics are: 20 baptized, 
.30 .Sunday-school scholars, and 70 members. In Mexico, .")2 baptized and re- 
ceived bj' letter, 40 scholars and 117 members. The growth of this field and the 
interest manifested by the native authorities in our mission are marvellous in 
the extreme. Several valuable pieces of property have been secured and move- 
ments are on foot to establish schools which will be of untold service to the 
cause. AVe give below a summary of the year's work from the report of Bro. 
Tupper to the late Southern Baptist Convention : 

"The number of our missionaries, native and foreign, is 0.3; their stations and 
out-stations are 42; the increase of membership has been 17."); the pupils of the 
Sunday and day-schools number 6.S4; our church membership is 1,141; the con- 
tributions on the fields amount to Sl,077; the home receipts have been S80,465.S7. 
The work is expanding signally in eacli of the five continents in which oin* 
missionaries labor. Next year at least five chapels should be built, and at least 
Ten additional missionaries should be sent out. Our Mexican enterprise needs 
a heavy outlay of money. Into all our advances the Board has been led seem- 
ingly by the hand of Providence. The past inspires gratitude; the future stlra- 
nlates faith. The Board expects to go forward, depending on the liberality of 
tlie churches and claiming the promise of the.Saviour: '.Vnd, lo, I am with you 
alway, even uuto the end of the world.-' 

The war in fhlna, cholera in Italy, and tlie sni;il)-pox in Mexico, liaveall 


given cause lor seiious apprehensions, and call aloud for prayer by Christ's ser- 
vants that these hindrances may speedily be removed. 

It will be seen from the Treasurer's report that ?4,o02.ol have been sent up by 
the churches through him. Besides this, f876.o9 have been forwarded to Bro. 
Tupper direct, making in all *o,178.70. This lacks 52,821.30. This tails short of 
the 58,000 asked for by the Foreign Mission Board of the Baptistsof North Carolinn 
by .*2,S21.30. There is need of greater and more extensive liberality on our part 
as the work progresses, and the fields widen and the number of nrissionaries is 
increased. Theie are two more of "oio- 6oy.s" now at the Seminary who expect 
to join Bro. Yates shortly after the close of the present session, and we are grat- 
ified to know that three or more ot our Associations have already taken steps 
for their support as soon as they shall go. These are direct appeals made to us 
by the hand of Providence, and may God give us the inclination to meet the de- 
mands of his cause 

Home Missions. 

Wc are glad to be able to report that this most important object is receiving 
more attention at the hands of our churches than formerly. Our brethren are 
<?oming more to see its position as a factor in building up the bulwarks of Chris 
tianity in this Southern land of ours against the tide of evil that inevitably 
comes along with every wave of immigration. Texas and Florida are already 
rivaling some of the northwestern States in their increase of population fi-om 
Foreign shores, and from present indications, it cannot be long ere our whole 
country is deluged in this sea of moving humanity. How important, then, for 
the good of our children and of generations yet unborn, that we give " the gos 
pel to every creature" in our borders, so that the leaven may work upon the 
Inasses as they come among us, until the whole is leavened. We should re- 
double our efTorts in this direction, for we have not done a tithe of what we should 
do, and what we could do, if we would only make the effort. 

The recent report of the Home Board to the Southern Baptist Convention was 
decidedly more encouraging than were ever before. We give this extract, that 
our brethren may see something of what has been done : , 

•' Never, in all its historj-, has the labor of its Missionaries been more eftective 
in the promotion of the Redeemer's Kingdom, than during the past year 
There have been received into the churches to which they ministered 2,C6o by 
baptism and 1,525 by letter, making a total addition of 4,190. 

The work of the Board has never been better organized, nor if the means were 
furnished it, has it ever been belter prepared to push forward into unoccupied 
places, and to attempt new conquests for our King. The fields of its labors wer© 
never broader nor more inviting, nor the outlook for a grand work more prom- 

JJuring the year tliere have been in its employ for the whole or part of the 
time 144 Missionaries. 

Of these there have labored in 
Alabama 2. Louisiana 8. Arkansas 12. 

Missouri 1. California 4. Mississippi 1. 

Florida 2s. Tennessee 1. Georgia 6. 

Texas oil. Indian Territoi-y 19. Virginia 3. 



Number of Missionaries Hi 

Number of Churclies and Stations 3;> 

Weeks of labor .'5,540 

Sermons and addresses 14,81S 

Prayer-meetings attended ^,770 

Baptisms 2,G6o 

Received by Jjetter l,o'Z^ 

Total Additions 4,190 

Sunday Schools 141 

Teachers and Pupils ."),387 

Miles Traveled , 139.929 

Religious Visits , 20,.512 

Pages of Tracts Distributed lf).5,490."" 

We would also commend the Church Building Department of this Board in 
the highest terms. Much good has already been accomplished under the wise 
and iudicious management of Bro. Nunnally, but much more ought to be done. 

Nor should we forget the duty we owe to the Indians. Perhaps we owe more 
to them than to any other people on the globe. We have taken from them all 
they held dear on earth. Shall we not give them in return the bread of life and 
the pleasures that never die? W. H. PACE, 

Pkk.-;t Board Missions. 

John E. Ray, 

Corresj>onding Secretary. 

Era. W. H. Pack mo\ed that so much of the report as 
relates to State Missions be made special order for to-morrow 
at 10:30 A. M., which motion \\as adopted. 

Elder J. D. HUFllAM moved that the subject of PLducation 
be made the special order for to-morrow excninf^- at S o'clock^ 
which was adopted and ordered. 

Dr. R. D. Flkmixc moved the following-: 

That a committee be appointed to nominate six brethren 
to fill vacancies in the Board of Trustees of Wake h^orest 

After much discussion Elder A. R. PlTlM.W mo\ed an 
amendment : 

That the committee to be appointed be selected from the 
Trustees of the College. 

Elder R. T. Vaxx moved the previous question, whicli 
motion was sustained. 

Pending the vote on main question, 

Bro. V. P. HOBGOOI) moved to la>- the whole matter on 
the table, which was adopted. 

HAl'llS'l" STATK COWKM'IO-X. 23 

Bro. joiix E. Rav moved that the subject of Foreign 
Missions be made special order for Friday evening at S 
o'clock, which was adopted. 

The report of the Treasurer was taken up and 'referred to 
a committee consisting of brethren ti. W. Bi^oL'N i, W . H. 
Duxx and Elder W. M. Kennedy. 

Dr. Skinner, for the committee on Religious Exercises, 
announced preaching this afternoon at 4 o'clock by Elder 
B. W. BUSSEV, and prayer meeting to-morrow morning at 
Hargett Street church, at 7, to be conducted by Elder R. 

On motion, adjourned. 

Niciii" Session. 

The Convention assembled at 7:30 o'clock. 

'After singing, a portion of the 9th chapter of Mark was 

Elder N. B. CoBB, of Hickory, offered prayer. 

The President introduced Rev. C. A. JENKENS, of New- 
bcrn, as the preacher of the annual introductory sermon. 

Text : Mark 9th chapter, 2d verse. 

Closed with benediction bv Rev. Dr. Theo. WhitfieeI). 


Thursday Morninc;, Nov. 13, 1884. 

At 9:30 o'clock the President called the Convention to 

Elder P\ H. Jones read the i i6th Psalm and offered 

The proceedings of yesterday were read and approved. 

President announced the following committees : 

24 .MiXL ri-;s of the 

Obituaries — Elders J. S. Purefoy, N. B. Cobl), J. K. Faulkner, George 
Baker, W. U. Kennedy, Bro. W. W. Holden. 

XoMiNATK Board of Education — Elders T. W. F. Rogers, N. B. Coljb, R. 

Nominate Board of Missions — Elders F. II. Jones, T. H. I'ritchard, Bro. 
T. A. Delke. 

XoMiNATK Slnday .Sciiool Board — Dr. A. R. Vann, Elder R. H. iMarsh, 
Bro. R. D. Fleming. 

Time and Place of Next Meetinc. — Elders C. Durham, J. W. Perry, J. 
IM. Mc^Ianaway. 

To Select Preachers of Introductory Sermon for Next Meeting — 

Elders O. 1-". Gregory, W. B. Harrell, Bro. George \V. Blount. 

The President extended an inxitation to \-isitini;" brethren 
to take .seat.s with us, and the follo\\inj4" brethren were intro- 
duced and welcomed : 

Dr. I. T. TrtifnoR, Secretar)- Home Mission Ik^ard. 

Elder W. D. Prichard, Portsmouth Association. 

Dr. A. E. Dickinson, of Religions Herald, Richmond, Va. 

Dr. Hl'FH.XM offered the following resolution, ^\•hich was 
adopted : 

Whereas, It is a matter of exceeding great importance that the connection 
between our college and the great body of the Baptists of the State should be as 
close as possible ; and whereas, the custodians of the College feeling this, were 
wont for many years, to ask this body to recommend suitable persons from 
Mhom to fill vacancies in the Board of Trustees ; and whereas, we believe this 
to lie a safe and wholesome precedent ; therefore, 

Resolzicd, That a committee be appointed to recommend seven brethren from 
^^'hom to fill vacancies in the Board of Trustees. 

On motion of Bro. \\ . J. Pfi;i.i:, the following- brethren 
were elected a committee to nominate the Trustees: Elder 
Wii.i.iAM Kkxm-.dx, Dr. U. P. Thomas, Dr. R. D. PT.Em- 

Dr. TniM). Win ifielI) announced that a new Association 
had been formed since the last session of the Con\'ention 
called "Atlantic." and asked that the delegates from said 
Association be enrolled and recognized b}' the Conxention, 
which was granted. 

Prof. Chas. E. Tavi.oK. of Wake Poorest, offered the fol- 


lo\\in<^ report from tlie Board of Education and asked that 
it be made the special order for 10:30 A. M., Friday. 


Within the last year your Board has afforded aid for a longer or shorter period 
to forty-two young ministers: five at the Seminary in Louisville, two at Wake- 
held Academy, and thirty-five at Wake Forest College. 

This is a larger work than was ever before undertaken by the Board. It is 
painful to be compelled to add that the receipts by the Board are smaller by 
$1,022.48 than for the previous year. The result of increased expenditure and 
'diminished receipts is a debt for the work of last session amounting to $675. 
The greater part of this is due to the Citizen's National Bank of Raleigh on 
November 21. It is earnestly to be hoped that the Convention will take steps 
for the immediate liquidation of this debt. 

Three of the beneficiaries of the Board graduated last June at Wake F'orest. 
iSix are hoping to take degrees at the next commencement. It is deemed a 
matter for congratulation that the proportion of those who take a regular and 
thorough is constantly increasing. 

Aid is at present given to twenty-six brethren, all of whom are pursuing 
their studies at Wake Forest. In view of the debt, and the many and pressing 
applications for aid at the College, the Board did not feel able to give assistance 
to brethren at other institutions. 

The Board would respectfully ask the Convention for instructions as to the 
extent to which it should render assistance to young ministers elsewhere than at 
Wake Forest College. 


Received of B. F. ^lontague, Treasurer $2,858 47 

Borrowed of Citizen's National Bank 600 00 

$3,45S 47 

Disbursed, as per vouchers •_ $3,449 72 

Cash in treasury '_ 8 75 

$3,458 47 

This will certify that I have examined the accounts of C. E. Taylor, Treas- 
urer of Board of Education for the year ending November 4, 1S84, and that 
they are correct and properly vouched, and that there is a balance of eight 
dollars and seventy-five cents ($8.75) in the treasury. 

(Signed) John W. Brewer, Auditor. 

\Vake Forest College, N. C, Nov. 8, 1884. 

The hour for the .special order. State Missions, haviny; 
arrived, on motion of Elder A. D. Cohen, it M'as suspended 
for fi\-e minutes. 



Elder A. G. AIcMaxawav moved that so much of the 
report as refers to Home Missions be made the special order 
for 12:30 o'clock Friday morning, Avhicli Avas adopted. 

The hour for the special order having" arrived, the same 
was taken up. 

Remarks were made by Bro. \V. H. Pace, Elders j. D. 
HUFHA^r, R. R. (3 VERB V. T. W. BabI! and others. 

A debt of over five hundred dollars was found due thc 
missionaries from the pledges made at the last session, which 
was assumed and mostly paid by the delegates from the 
Associations which had not met their pledges, and by other 
brethren. ^ 

Pledges from the Association for next year's w ork was 
called for, when Dr. HUFHAM made an encouraging, thrill- 
ing and stirring speech. After which the roll of Associa- 
tions was called by Bro. John E. Ray and the following : 


Anson Association 

..§ 300 00 

Atlantic .. 

200 00 


600 00 

Briar Creek 

200 00 

Brown Creek 

135 00 

Brushy Mountain 

150 00 

Catawba River 

100 00 

Cape Fear 

Cedar Creek. 

75 00 

Central . 

1,000 00 


Soo 00 


400 00 


10 00 

Hat River 

500 00 

Green P.iver 

100 00 

King's Mountain 

300 00 

Liberty, . , 

250 00 

Little River... 

40 00 

.Mt. Zion -..$ S75 00 

Pee Dee 



Rocky River 

Sandy Creek 

South Fork 

South River 

Sou th Yadkin 

Tar River 

Tliree Forks 

West Chowan 

Yadkin . 













(.' "■ 

















The cpiestion was then taken and the motion to adopt 
the report on State Missions prevailed. 

The Committee appointed to nominate the Board of Mis- 
sions reported the following: 

J. II. Alford. G. M. Allen, C. T. Bailey, H. W. Bailie, Noah Biggs. N. 1;. 
Broughton, J. S. Bridges, T. \V. Babb, T. H. Briggs, Jr., J. B. Brewer 


Alvin Belts, B. \V. Bussey, H. A. B'own, C. M. Cooke, N. B. Cobb, 
H. C. Dockery, E. L. Davis, P. A. Dunn, C. Durham, C. B. Edwards, 

F. W. Eason, G. J. Fisher, E. Frost, W. A. Graham, W. R. Gwalt- 
ney, O. F. Gregory, C. C. Haymore, J. M. Heck, F. P. Hobgood, J. 

D. Hufham, B. D. Howard. W. W. Holden, J. N. Holding, F. H. 
Jones, J. D. Joyner, C. A. Jenkens, C. B. Justice, W. N. Jones, M. D. 
Jeffries, W. M. Kennedy, Hayes Lennon, W. C. Ljyikford, R. H. Marsh, 
B. F. Montague, E. S. Moore. A. G. McManaway, J. M. McManaway, R. R. 
Overby, W. H. Pace, J. W. Perry, B. H. Phillips, T. H. Pritchard, John' 

E. Ray, H. W. Reinhart, J. B. Richardson, R. R. Savage, J. C. Scarborough, 
N. L. Shaw, T. E. Skinner, T. T. Speight, J. A. Stradley, J. \V. Smith, R. 
P. Thomas, R. T. Vann, Dr. C. J. Watkins, John Watson, J. T. Webb, G. ^I. 
Webb, J. Womble, Jr., T. G. Wood, E. W. Wooteen, W. L. Wright. 

Elder R. VaxUeventkr offered the followini,^, wliich 
was adopted : 

Nesolved, That this Convention endorse the enterprise of building a IJaplist 
chapel at Nag's Head, and if deemed wise to render pecuniary aid. 

The next .special order being the report of the committee 
appointed at last session to revise the Constitution, it was 
taken up and the report read. 

Elder R. T. Vanx moved that the report be referred to a 
special committee consisting of the following, with instruc- 
tions to report to-morrow at 1:20 o'clock: R. R. OVERBV, 
R. D. Feeming, R. p. Thomas, C. W. Scarborough, A. 

G, McManaway, C. T. Bailey, C. Durham, John C. Scak- 
BOROUciH, W. R. Gwaltney. 

The motion to refer prevailed. 

The committee to whom was referred the Treasurer's 
report, offered the following: 

The committee to whom was referred the report of the Treasurer, reports 
that in its opinion all after certificate of the Auditor be stricken out, and do .so 

G. W. Blount, 
Wm. B. Dunn, 
W. M. Kennedy, 




The report of the Treasurer, as modified, was then 
received : 


I^c'/orl of B, Y. Montague, Treasurer Baptist State Convention of Nvrth 
Carolina, from November loih, 1883, to November 5///, 1884 .• 

EndOAvmeiit of AVake Forest College. 'f] • 

Amount received ':$ 319 

Paid W. G. Simmons, Treasurer ! 293 

On hand 26 

Oi'pliaii Asylum. 

Amount received 

Paid ,Ios. G. Brown, Cashier for Superintendent. 

Cliurcli Extension. 

Amount on hand irom last report 


Paid Thomas Carriclv, Greenville church 

\\m. T. Jones, for Church at Morehead City. 

Treasurer Reedy Creek church 

R. O. Pernell, for Perry's chapel 

R. E. Peele, for Pantego church 

< t. F. firegory, for Charlotte church 

l.arkin Smitli, for Bethlehem clmrch 

< in hand 


$ 319.(51 

5 35741 

20 00 

Suuflay Schools. 

( hi hand from last report I j 

Amount received : 4 

Paid Williamson ct Upchurch, office rent 

Tucker <k Co., carpet for office ■ 

A. J. Holman & Co., for Bibles 

Providence Lithograph Co ; 

Biglow iV Main Song books ! 

.T. E. iJitson & Co. Song books t 

Thomas Nelson &Sons. Bibles : 

American Bible Society, Bibles and Testaments 

B. (iriffith, Secretarj-, Sunday School supplies j 1 

Kind Words for papers-. ! 

.lohn B. Alden. books !, 

H. R. Warren & Co., Bibles 

Rauer & Yost, bla,ckboards 

Denmark & Co., book supplies 

.I.T. Morris, for desk 

Fillmore Bros., song books 

A. Williams & Co., .Sunday School supplies 

.John E. Ray, Cor. Secretary, salary 

.lohn E. Ray, Cor. Secretary, travelling expenses 

Freight, drayage, gas, postage and post-office box rent 
Edwards, Broughton & Co., printing and S. S. books.... 

T. H. Briegs & .Sous, letter-scales 

Clerk hire 

B. F. Montague, Treasurer, one-fourth salary 

< »n hand 










On liand from last report 

Amount received 

Piiid Charles E. Taylor, Treasurer Board Education. 
4")n hand 

Amount carried forward. 



























S 14 


« 179 









279 73 







Amount broughl forward ". 

Forelsu Missions. 

On hand I'rom last report 

Amount received 1 

I'aid H. A. Tupper, Cor. Secretary 1 

X. B. Broughton, Rec. Secretary 

Kdwards. Brougliton & Co., printing and binding i 

Postage and post-office box rent ' 

Tucker & Co . carpet for office 

Mrs. A. B. Todd, Cor. Sec'y Cent. com. Woman's Mission- 
ary Society, postage, etc 

S. S. Board, quota office rent 

Desk ; , 

15. F. Montague, Ticasurer, postage, stationery, ttc 

,Jobn E. Ray, Cor. Sec'y, travelling expenses j 

A. Williams & Co., postal cards for Treasurer ': 

B. F. Montague, Treasurer, one-fourth salary i 

< )n hand • 

State Missions. i 

«in hand last report ': 

Amount received '• 

Bahmcedue Treasurer i 

Paid W. Ij. Brown, salary ] 

E. F. Baldwin, salary 

•Tosiah P^lliott, salary 

T. T.Speight 1 

.1. T. Morris, Asso. Missionary 

T. Harrison 

T. J, BooKe 

B. H. Phillips 

.T. A. Hoyle j 

O. W. Harmau 

W.B. Knight ! 

W. A. Pool I 

J. B.Richardson .' ' 

E. N. Gwyn I 

R. E. Peele i 

.1. F. Tuttle ' 

N. B. Cobb ! 

W. G. Bumgarner ' 

J. W. Perry 

S. H. Thompson 

.1. K. Faulkner ; 

S. F. (Jonrad : 

T. .1. Leary 

J. B. Marsh j 

C. C. Haymore i 

A. D. Cohen j 

W. L. Marsh ' 

Thomas Carrick j 

J. R. Jones ' 

W, H. Beamer i 

C. G. Jones 

B. S. Alderman 

J. F. Moore 


W. T. Lewellyn 

D. W. Herring 

W.B. Morton 

J. H.Lambeth 

W. B. Wingate 

R. T. Bryan 

W. R. Gwaltney, travelling expenses to Brier Creek Asso., 

John E. Ray, Cor. Sec'y, travelling expenses 


Office carpet from Tucker & Co 

Fdwards, Broughton & Co., printing and binding 

John E. Ray, Cor. Sec'y, salary 

Postage add post-office box rent 

t^uota office rent 

B. F. Montague, Treasurer, one-fourth salary 

Balance due Treasurer 






$8,tj»l So 

I 299 







f ^,297 6o' 



. 58133 

30 00; 

55 [55 







3 25 

7 57 


Amount carried forward. 




137 36 




Arii'buui bi'ougni lorward,. 

Home missions Sontliei-ii Baptist Convention. 

On hand last report 


Paid A. <i. MciManaway, traveling expenses 

I. T. Tichenor.Secretarj', &c 

Mrs. A. B. Todd. Sec'v, Ac, postase and express on money 
Edwards, Broughton & Co., printing and binding 

Refunded M. T. Norris, amount overpaid 

t »n hand 

Grand total. 











i 1<^ 


1 10 


i 69 



- I 1,422 30 

Treasurer Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. 

I have careUilly examined the accounts of B.F.Montague, Treasurer of the 
Baptist State Convention ot Xortli Carolina, and find them correct and sup- 
ported by proper vouchers. 

TuoJiA.s 11. Bkiggs, .Ik., Auditor. 

Raleigh, X. ('., Xovembar cStli, IS.Sl. 

A letter was read from Rev. JosKl'll PI CARTER, e.xpres.s- 
iiiL^ i^reetin<^s, and regrets at not being present. 

Elder HUEHAM moved 

That a committee be appointed on S}'stematic Eene\o- 
lence, and .suggest a plan. 

The motion was adopted. 

The President appointed Elders N. B. CoBH, Theo. Whit- 
EiELi), C. W. Scarborou(;h, J. a. Stradlev, J. \V. Perr\. 

Elder R. R. Savage moved 

That a committee be appointed to report on request of 
Board of Education for advice in regard to the aid of young 
ministers elsewhere than at Wake Poorest College. 

The motion was adopted. 

The President appointed as said committee, Elder R. R. 

Savage, Prof. F. P. Hobgood, Elder T. E. Skinner. 

The Convention then closed A\ith prayer by Elder PEKR^^ 

Night Session. 

Tlie President called the Comention to order at 7:30 

Song, " Jesus lo\"cr of nn- soul." 


Pra}er b>' Re\-. J. S. Hardawav, of Oxford. 

The chair announced the subject of General Education as 
the topic for discussion. 

Rev. Dr. Skixxer stated to the Convention that the 
Board of Trustees of Wake Forest College had imposed 
upon him the pleasant dut)' of announcing that Prof. 
Charles E. Tayia^k had been elected President of the 
College, and would now address the meeting. 

Prof. Taylor referred to those who had occupied the 
position to which he was called. As he thought of those 
noble men and the grand work they had accomplished, he 
felt like shrinking back, and yet called to this position as he 
was, at this time, b}' the Board of Trustees, he felt like it 
would be cowardice to refuse. He referred to the feeling 
that stirred his heart when he received the telegram from 
two of the Board telling him of his election ; of the struggle 
that had been going on in his breast to-da}'. The endow- 
ment of the College was mentioned, its secure investment, 
its wise management; the faithful Treasurer, and his stain- 
less character ; the Investing committee and its chairman 
and his love and devotion to the College. The Board of 
Trustees were men of God, whose hearts and minds were 
devoted to faithful work for the College. He thanked God 
for his associates in the P"acult}', the\' were men of prayer, 
desiring to honor God in their work. 

He referred to the students. He thanked Dr. Skinner 
and other brethren for their kind congratulations, but noth- 
ing had so touched him and reached his heart, as the words 
of a telegram he had received this afternoon from the stu- 
dents at the College extending their congratulations. He 
had no promises to make about his administration ; or of 
any new departure. Sudden changes would be dangerous. 

The College belonged to the Baptists of North Carolina. 
Some days ago he found a letter in his box addressed 
"To the Proprietors of Wake Forest College;" he thought 
as he looked at it of the task he would have to deliver that 


It would be natural for brethren to sa}- that wc ha\c 
fitted up the College and it can now go on. Xot so. wc 
need the young men of Xorth Carolina. We need the spirit 
of sacrifice and consecration. 

In beautiful, eloqvient language Prof. Taylor appealed 
to the brethren for their prayers and co-operation and closed 
his address. 

Rev. A.'G. ]\Il\\Iaxa\vav offered the following resolution : 

Resolved, That this Convention most heartily endorses the action of the Board 
of Trustees of Wake Forest College in electing Prof. C. E. Taylor to the Presi- 
dency of that Institution, and that we pledge to Prof. Taylor our sympathy and 

Tiie resolution was unanimoush' adopted by a rising \'ote. 

Elder R. T. Vaxx addressed the Convention. He defined 
true education, urged its need and advantages. As indi- 
viduals, as citizens, as Baptists and as Christians. 

At the close of Bro. \'.\NK's address the Con\ ention 
adjourned with benediction by Prof. Ta\ i.oR. 


At 9:30 o'clock the President called the Conxention tt) 

Elder ]. W. PkrRV. of Statesville church, read the g5th 
Psalm and offered prajer. 

The proceedings of }-esterday were read and approved. 

The President extended an invitation to \isiting brethren 
to take scats with us. The following brethren were intro- 
duced : Dr. H. A. Tipper, Secretary of Foreign Mission 
Board, Elder W. J. David, Missionar\- to .Africa. Dr. J. W. 
M. Williams, of Baltimore. ^ 

It was announced by the President that Elder X. B. Coiiii 
had received a telegram from home telling him that his son 
whom he had left sick, had grown worse. 


On motion of Kro. N, L. Shaw, Dr. Hufiiam offered 
special prayer for Bro. COBB and family. 

The committee to nominate Sunday School Board sub- 
mitted the following", which was adopted : 

J. S. Allen, T. H. Briggs, Jr., N. B. Broughton, J. M. Broughton, J. C. 

Birdsong, S. H. Fleming, C. S. Faniss. W. R. Gwaltney, J. M. Heck, W. 

N. Jones, J. C. JNIarconi, L. L. Polk, J. W. Teele, John E. Ray, T. E. 

Skinner, J. C. Scarborough, W. G. Upchurch, B. P. Williamson, H. H. 

Powell. A. F). Planter. 

A. R. Vann, 

R. H. Marsh, 


On motion of Bro. J. M. Heck, the Treasurer's report, as 
amended on yesterday, was adopted. 

The following were announced by Bro. John E. Ray, as 
having become Life Members during the past year : 

Theophilus E^vans .. ..Fayetteville 

Rev. C. G. Jones, Jr Leaksville 

F. B. Jones Milton 

Rev. T. J. Rooke Mooresville 

J. C. Turner Statesville 

M. Powers. . Fayetteville 

Rev. G. M. Webb Shelby 

Rev. B. W. Bussey. Shelby 

Rev. G. W. Rollins Forest City 

Rev. A. A. McSwain Shelby 

Rev. A. L. Stough Shelby 

Rev. T. Dixon Shelby 

Rev. R. Boston Shelby 

Rev. R. D. Mallaiy Shelby 

Rev. P. R. Elam King's Mountain 

W. n. Atkinson Fayetteville 

Rev. R. T. Bryan Louisville, Ky 

Rev. J. T. Lynch Rocky Mount 

B. B. Buffaloe Raleigh 

W. G. Riddick Raleigh 

Rev. A. D. Hunter _Apex 

Rev. Geo. Baker Elizabeth City 

C. j\L Cooke Louisburg 

J. H. Watkins ; Wake F'orest 

G. W. Davis Wake Forest 

Rev. D. M. Austin Monroe 

Rev. J . J . Beasley Monroe 

R. A. Johnson Rockingham 

FL ^V. Hinsdale Salem 

L. W. Bagley Wake Forest 

P. W. Johnson Wake Forest 

E. W. Tatum Wake Forest 

J. M. McManaway Wilson 

Rev. W. A. Pool Lenoir 

The report of the Board of Education being the special 
order for this hour, 10:30, it was read. 

On a motion to adopt, remarks were made by Prof. CllAS. 
E. Taylor, Prof. W. L. Poteat, Elder Reuben Jones, of 
Virginia, Rev. Dr. J. W. M. Wn.LIAMS, of Baltimore, Rev. 
C. W. Scarborough, Rev. George Baker. 

At this point of the discussion pledges and cash were taken 
from Associations and churches, as well' as individuals, 
amounting to $601.00: 



(;. W. Blount S 30 00 

F.H.Jones 1000 

Durham Baptist church 25 00 

Rev. J. S. Hardaway 10 00 

Anson Association 50 00 

Reidsville Church 5 00 

George W Green 10 00 

C . \V . Scarborough 2 5 00 

R. R. Overby 1500 

W. J. Fulford 10 00 

C C. Newton 1000 

First Baptist Church 100 00 

T. Harrison 5 00 

D. M.Austin 35 00 

Lumberton Church 1000 

Wake Forest 25 00 

Wake Union Cinuch 5 00 

(ioldsboro Church 10 00 

.South Yadkin, W. B. Clem- 
ent . 10 00 

Corinth Church 5 00 

S. F. Conrad 10 00 

Mt. Vernon Church 10 00 

White Stone Church 10 00 

Edenton Church ... . 10 00 

Manly Church 5 00 

Shilnh Church 10 00 

Cashie Church 1000 

T. J- Poe 5 CO 

Elizabeth City 10 co 

E. F'rost 10 CO 

W. B.Clement 10 00 

W. H. Pace 10 00 

Dr. Fleming 10 00 

Dr. Roberts 10 00 

Biblical Recorder 10 CO 

J. M. Heck 1000 

E. F". King 10 00 

Prof. Poteat 1000 

Dr. J. W. Wiseman 10 00 

N.L.Shaw 500 

Western Union Meeting 10 00 

J. H.Vernon... i 00 

S601 00 

When the report was adopted. 

Special order being the report on revi.sion of Con.stitution, 
the same was taken up and Elder DURHAM, for the com- 
mittee, offered the following: (See pages 4 and 5.) 

Dr. HUFHAM moved that the same be adopted as a whole, 
when Bro. E. G. Harrell mo\'cd to amend by considering 
it by sections. The previous question was called for and 

The main question was then put. and on motion, the 
report, as offered, was adopted. 

Bro. E. G. Harrele moved a reconsideration. Bro. 
GEnRc;E W. Blouxt moved that the motion be laid on the 
table, which motion was adopted. 

The hour for the next special order ha\ing arri\'ed. it was 
taken up, being Home Missions. That part of the report 
of the Board of Missions referring to the subject was raad. 

On a motion to adopt the report, the Convention was 
addressed by Rev. Dr. TlcilEXOR, Corresponding Secretary 
of the Home Mission Board, Elder H. W. B.vttee, Elder 
\V. T. Jordan, and Elder A. G. McMaxawav, and the 
report was adopted. 


Bro. J. M. Heck offered the following resolution : 

licsolvcd, That we recommend to the Sunday School Board and the Sunday 
Schools connected with our churches, that they endeavor to raise within the 
next three months the Ssoo asked for by the Home Mission Board for building 
a church on Vallance street, in New Orleans, and that we request the Sunday 
School Board to call this matter to the attention of the Sunday Schools of this 

Elder HUFIIAM and Bro. Heck spoke to the resolution, 
and it was adopted. 

Rev. Dr. T. Whitfield, for the committee on S}'stematic- 
Beneficence, submitted their report. 

Elder A. G. McManawav moved that the report be re- 
committed to the committee with request to report to-mor- 
row at 1 1 o'clock. 

The motion prevailed, and by request Elders HUFIIAM, 
Gwaltxey and Vanx were added to the committee. 

On motion of Elder HUFHAINI, Elder Carrick was invited 
to address the Convention to-morrow after the special order, 
in behalf of Greenxille Baptist church. 

The Convention was then closed v.ith pra}-er by Elder 
j as. s. purefov. 

Night Sessiux. 

Convention re-assembled at 7:30 P. M., and was called to 
<irder by the President. 

After singing, Rev. C. Durham led in prayer. 

Bro. JOHX E. Ray moved that the report of the Sunday 
School Board be made the special order for 10:30 A. M., to- 

The motion was adopted. 

The following was read from Rev. E. Y. Baldwin : 

London, Eng., October 27, 1SS4. 
71) the North Carolina Baptist State Convention : 

My Dear Brethren — I had expected, by about this time, to have reached 
my new field of missionary work at Tangier, Morocco, and thence to have sent 


you a word of fraternal greeting. But I am detained here a few days in fulfill- 
ing a number of engagements I found friends here had made for me before I 
arrived. You will have learned from the Recorder much concerning my plans 
and movements, as also something of the great goodness of the Lord to me and 
mine in many ways. My only purpose and desire in now writing you is to 
send you my love in the Lord Jesus, and to entreat you to give me your prayers. 
God has bound me to many in the Old North State with strong and precious and 
holy ties — ties which distance or even death cannot sunder. My heart goes 
across the sea to them as I write. I covet not only their interest and prayers, 
but likewise those of all the great Baptist brotherhood of the State I have learned 
to love so well. 

I hope, from time to time, to give you some details of my work among the 
Berbers through the columns of the Recorder. 

Yours, with much love in the Lord Jesus, 

E. F. Baldwin. 

(3n motion, Elder C. DURHAM was appointed to reply to 
the letter of Elder E. V. Baldwin. 

The special order for the evening being Foreign Missions; 
tile report of the Koard of ?*Tissions on that subject was 

On a motion to adopt the Convention was addressed by 
Rev. O. F. Gregory, of Charlotte, in stating the work in 
this State during the past year. By Rev. Dr. H. A Tui'- 
I'ER, in a review of the whole field. By Rev. W. J. David, 
returned missionary from Africa, who told us of the country, 
the people and their social, political and religious customs. 

At the conclusion of the addresses the report on Foreign 
Missions was adopted. 

The Convention was closed with benediction b)' Rev. Dr. 


SA■ruKl)A^ M()KXIN(;, Nov. 15th, 1884. 

The Convention was called to order b}- the President at 
9:30 A. M. 

Elder A. D. Cohen read the 49th chapter oi Isaiah and 
offered prayer. 

lIAl'Tlsr STATE (■(JWKN I'loX. T,7 

The Joi'.nial rif. yesterday was read, c©rrected and ap- 

Elder J. D. HUFIIAM read the following extract from the 
report of yesterday's proceedings in the Daily Neii's and 
Observer of this morning: 

"The adoption of s new Constitution for the government of the Convention 
l3eing a special order for 12 o'clock, the document was read by Rev. Columbus 
Durham and at once Rev. J- D. Huf ham moved that it be adopted as a whole. 
This motion was amended so as to" consider the Constitution by sections, where- 
upon the previous question was called to shut off all amendments and discus- 
sion on the matter, and the instrument was thus made the Constitution for the 
government of the body, about one-third only of the delegates voting to sustain 
the call for the previous question." 

Bro. HUKHAM said "this statement does not represent 
the facts in the case. In our Baptist assemblages it is not 
required that the whole number of members present shall 
actuall}- vote. It is taken for granted that those not voting 
are with the majority of those who have voted ; unless there 
be explanation to the contrary. The vote yesterda}' 
expressed the sense of the body. 

Neither was there an}' purpose, in ordering the pre\'ious 
question, to stifle discussion. The report, when first offered, 
was recommitted and additional members were added in 
order that those who wished to change, modify or add to 
the amendments contained in the report. The previous 
question was ordered to prevent the useless consumption of 
precious time." 

Bro. E. G. Harrell, who had furnished the reports pub- 
lished in the News and Observer, attempted to repl}' to Bro. 
Hufham's remarks. 

Bro. HUFHAM raised the point of order that the reporter 
of the Nezvs and Observer had no right to a hearing upon the 
floor of this Convention. 

The chair sustained the point of order raised. 

Bro. Harrell appealed from the decision of the chair. 

The decision of the chair was sustained. 

38 MINUTES Of the 

Elder C. Durham, for the committee on Time and Place 
of Next ^Meeting, reported as follows : 

We recommend that the next Convention be held with the church at Reids- 
ville, X. C, at the time designated l)y the Constitution. 

C. Durham, 

J. iM. McMaxaway, 

J. W. Perry, 


The report of the committee was adopted. 
Elder O. F. Grec;()RV, for the committee, submitted the 

The committee appointed to select a preacher to preach the introductory 
sermon at the next session begs leave to report that they have selected Rev. Jas. 
M. McManaway, with Rev. F. ^^'. Eason, alternate. 

O. F. Gregory. 
W. B. Harrell, 
Geo. \V. Blount, 


The report was adopted. 

Elder R. R. OvERBV offered the following report of th.e 
committee on Periodicals: 

For' the Ijuilding up of the Redeemer's kingdom in our .State we know of no 
human agency employed more powerful than the Biblical Recorder. Where 
it is read in our churches, our brethren are in sympathy with all the work of 
the Convention. We most heartily approve of the course of the Recorder in 
defending what we regard as truth, and recommend to our brethren to take it, 
and use their influence in its circulation. 

We also recommend to all our churches the Foreign Mission Journal, and tf> 
our Sunday Sc/iool Kind IVords. 


For Committee. 

The sjjccial order for this hour, 10:30 A. M., being the 
report of the Sunday School Board, it was read: 


To the Biiptist State Convention of Xorth Carolina : 

It atfords us peculiar pleasure to be able to make such a favorable report 01 
the year'.s work, and of the success -which has attended the labors of llieoon- 


stantly iiicreasing luunbcr of Sunday School worker?. All along the lines pro 
gress has been made, new Schools have been organized, and in several instan- 
ces churches have sprung up as the results of the efTortsof the soul-winners. 

So far as reported, there have been fi/ty-sixnew Sunday Schools organized, 
many of thern in communities where the word of God is not preached, save by 
these faithful pioneers of the Cross, who have gone out into the battle-field with 
the sword of the Spirit in hand, and, with open Bibles and hearts burning with 
tlie love of a crucified Saviour, have carried the glad message of salvation to 
those who knew it not. And the standard of the Messiah has been planted in 
^.inany a heart made fallow by the softening influences of the gospel of Jesus 
Christ. Let us " thank God and take courage,'' and press onward to yet greater 
achievemen's for his cause. 


A most interesting, delightful and profitable session of our Baptist Slate Sun- 
day School Convention was held with the church in the flourishing town of 
Keidsville, July 17— £0, 1881, at which there was a goodly number of delegates 
from fourteen of the different Associations in the .State. The interest of the oc- 
casion was greatly enhanced by the presence of Brethren G. J. Johnson, of Phil- 
adelphia, S. A. Goodwin and A. E. Dickinson of Virginia, and C. C. Chaplin, of 
Texas, all of whom took an active part in the discussions. It seems to be the 
prevailing opinion that this was the best meeting we have had. 


This enterprise is just now three years o!d. The interest taken in it by the 
brethren, and the liberal patronage bestowed by the churches and Sunday 
Schools throughout the State, have been very encouraging. In fact, the work 
so wonderfully increased last Spring, that your Corresponding. Secretary, with the 
limited time he could give it, found it necessary to have some assistance. This 
was secured at an expense of •J137.50. 

For the success of the Supply Store, we refer you to the statements made be- 
low. At the beginning of the year we had on hand, (including solvent credits,) 
cash and stock to the amount of S900.o9. Our present assets are as follows : 

Pulpit and Family Bibles gll.3 00 

Oxford Teachers' Bibles 80 20 

Sunday School and other Bibles 9i GO 

Testaments and Psalms 30 00 

Testaments 161 15 

Gospel Hymns :. 50 lo 

" Praise and Rejoicing."' (our new Sunday School song Ijook) 97 20 

Other Sunday School Song Books 11 70 

Baptist Hymnals, Baptist Hymn Books, Ac 75 SO 

Catechisms, Primers, Readers, and Class Books 41 02 

Treasury of David 16 50 

Parts ol Scriptures 16 3-5 

Commentaries. Standard and Religious Works 62 95 

Tracts, &c., (estimated) 10 00 

Secretary's Record Books. .56 00 

Tickets and Reward Cards 7 50 

Total S953 82 

Cash on liand 14 13 

Solvent credits, mostly duefrom Colporteurs 311 11 

Totals on hand Sl,279 06 



Besides the figures given above, the Supply Store has roiulerecl assistance to 
79 Sunday Schools that were not able to supply themselves with such helps as 
they needed, to the following extent : 

Bibles .donated O; 

Testaments donated 622 

Number of copies of the Scriptures given to Sunday Schools 7Ht 

Valueof these Scriptures with other helps donated 3115 !>5 

Bibles given away by Colporters and young ministers during vacation 166 
Testaments " " " " " " " '■ " 271 

Total ^ 4^7 

Pages of Tracts and Tapers distributed by Colporters 20,61(3 

Value of these goods g 73 31 

Whole number of Scriptures donated 1,156 

Value of donations 5189 26 


We are still occupying iheroom next door to the Biblical Recorder office, 
in connection v.-ith tiie Board of Missions, for which we are at an expense of 


Are due, and are herebj- extended to the American Baptist Publication So. 
ciety for a grant of 700 Bibles and 3,018 Testaments and parts of Scriptures, val- 
ued at S400, which have very much aided us in supplying the wants of *he needy. 
We are also indebted to the editors ol the following valuable periodicals which 
have favored us with their weekly visits, viz : The Biblical Recorder, The Sunday 
School Times, The liaptLiI Teacher, The Alabama Baptist, The Transcript and Mvs_ 
■senf/er. Kind Word-^ and 'The Franklinton Weeklii. 


New Schools organized 56 

Present number of Schools (approximated) 762 

Number of attendants (approximated) , 5t),0(H) 


Receipts of the Board !M,><15 66 

Expenditures ^,801 o;{ 

Balance in the Treasury § jj i;{ 

Assets of the Board (furniture. iVo.) 55 (X) 

Stock on hand ».>•{ 82 

.Solvent credits SH n 

Whole aniounl of proix-riy <.,( ilic Supply Store SI,3-'U (Hi 


From the above, it will be readily seen tlial the Supply Store is on a solid 
foundation. It has not only become self-sustaining, but bj- its steady income 
is helping to supply the necessities of the many Sunday Schools all over the 
State which cannot properly furnish themselves. 

Not only so, but we are now j^reparcd to furnisli our Baiilist chinclics and 


Sunday SchooJs, as well as our pastors, ■with any thing and every Ihino they 
need, of good, wholesome literature, at the very lowest publishers' prices. 

Another feature of it is, that we now furnish our ministers with such books as 
they desire at a considerable reduction from regular prices. 

We most' heartily trust we shall still be the recipients of the confidence, pat- 
ronage and support of our brethren all over Xorth Carolina. And we also ask 
that you remember that any contribution sent to this object will go to aid weak 
-schools and Baptist ministers. N. B. BROUGHTOX, 

Pheside>t SrKDAY School Board. 

John E. Ray. 

Corresponding S'ecretari/. 

On a motion to adopt, remarks were made b}' Re\'. Dr. J. 
W. M. Williams and Bro. J. M. Heck. 

The report of the Sunday School Board \\as then adopted. 

The committee appointed to recommend se\-en names 
from which to fill vacancies in the Board of Trustees of 
Wake Forest College, reported tlie following: 

Prof. J. B. Brewer, John T. Bland, C. S. Wooten, Rev. O. F. Gregory, J. 
B. Holman, Rev. H. A. Brown, Dr. J- D. Roberts. 

(Signed) \V. M. Kennedy, 

R. D. Fleming, 
R. P. Thomas, 


The report was adopted. 

Elder Thomas Carrick, pastor of the Baptist church in 
Greenville, addressed the Convention in behalf of the Memo- 
rial church that his people were erecting in Greenville. 
Addresses were also made by Elders \\\.N\- and Hlfham, 
and pledges and cash received. 

Elder C. Duriia:\I offered the following resoluti mi. which 
M-as adopted : 

Resolved, That in the opinion of this Convention the Memorial church at 
Greenville ought to be completed, free of debt, as soon as possible, and that 
Rev. Dr. J. D. Hufham be requested, in connection with Rev. Thomas Car- 
rick, to undertake the raising of all necessary funds of this work. 

The special order for this hour being the report of com- 
mittee on Periodicals, the same was taken up and a motion 
made to adopt. 

Remarks were submitted by Elders OvEKUV, Hlfham, 


\V. T. Jordan and N. L. Shaw, and the report \va.-> 

The hour for adjournment arrived. 

An invitation was received and accepted from Rev. H. M. 
TuPPER, President of Shaw Universit}-, asking the delegates 
and visitors to visit that institution. 

The Convention closed. 

Night Session. 

President Scarborough called the Convention to order at 
7:30 o'clock P. M. 

Song — "Where are the Reapers." 

Prayer by Rev. J. K. P'aulkner. 

Elder R. R. OvERBY announced that a meeting was held 
this afternoon, and the North Carolina Baptist Orphanage 
Association, had been organized with the following officers: 

pRKsn)i:NT — John C. Scarborough. 

Vice-Presidents — Rev. R. R. Overby, W. B. Clement. 
Secretary — Rev. Geo. W. Greene. 
Treasurer — Rev. C. Durham. 

On motion of Elder C. Durham, John T. Pullen, of 
Raleigh, was elected as Auditor of the accounts of the Sun- 
day School Supply Store. 

The committee app'ointed to Nominate the Hoard of 
Education, reported the 

I). D. Allen, L. \V. Bagley, J. M. Brewer, L. Chappell, P. A. Dunn, \V. L. 
Dunn, P. W. Johnson. W. C. Lankford, L. R. Mills, W. C. Powell, J. B. 
Powers, F. M, Purefoy, J. S. Purefoy, \V. L. Poteat, Wm. Royall, W. B. 
Royall, W. B. Smith, \V. G. Simmons, C. E. Taylor, A. R. Vann.R. T. Vann. 

The report was adopted. 

The committee to whom the request of the J^oard of 
Education for instruction was referred, reported the fol- 

We would recommend thai the funds coming into the hands of the Board I.l 
used for the aid of young men pursuing their studies at Wake Poorest College. 
Also, we recommend tliat the Board be instructed to solicit and forward fun.i- 


for the supi^ort of students of North Carolina at the Southern Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminary, at Louisville, Ky. 

(Signed) R. R. Savage, 


Tiios. E. Skinner, 


Remarks were made by Elders M. D. Jeffries and A. D. 
Hunter, and the report was adopted. 

On motion of Elder C. Durham, the committee on Obit- 
uaries was allowed ten days in which to get their report 
ready for the proceedings of the Convention. 

The Finance committee reported. 


Received for Orphan Asyllim — 

From Reidsville church $ 4 4'-> 

Received for St.a.te Missions — • 

From Green Level church . $ 

' ' Yeopim 

R. D. Fleming 

" From Bethlehem, Ijy A. S. Mcintosh ... .. 

" R. R. Overby 

' ' Cane Creek 

' ' Warrenton church 

" M t. Airy church 

Received for Foreign Missions — 

From Missionary Society, Hickory, Bro. Baldwin .$ lo 6S 

' ' Union Association 

Monroe Chapel church, Dr. Yates . .. 

Received for Education — 

From Elizabeth City church $ 

" G. W. Blount 

' ' Corinth church 

" T. J. Poe 

" Dr. Fleming 

' ' Biblical Recorder 

Rev. J. H. Vernon 

" D.F.King . 

'" C. W. Scarborough's churches 25 00 

" Col. J. M. Heck 10 00 

" W. H. Pace 1000 

'■ E.Frost ' 1000 







































Total receipts $ 247 63 

Paid to F. H. Briggs, Treasurer Baptist State Convention $ 247 63 

Total disljursenients $ 247 63 

L. W, Bagley, 
R. D. Fleming, 
S. H. Cannady, 

Finance Committee. 

44 " MINUTES OF TH1-: 

And the report was adopted. 

The committee on. Systematic Beneficence reported back- 
as follows : 

\ our committee on Systematic Benelicence would respectfully recommen' 
the adoption of the following : 

Resolved. I. That each church within the bounds of this Convention is 
requested to determine, by church action, how many collections for Christian 
Leneficence it will take up during the year. 

2. That the churches are requested to take these collections, not for specific 
objects, but for the general work of Christian Beneficence, to be divided amons;; 
its various departments according to the wishes of. the donors or special churcli 

3. That each church member is earnestly requested to " layby in store on the 
first day of the week," as an oflenng to the Lord as God may have prospered 
him, to be paid into the church treasury at the time of the stated colleotions. 

4. That the churches are requested to adopt effective measures, by special 
committees orotherwise, to secure from every member pledges of such contri- 
butions and of their prompt payment. 

5. That the Board of Missions is hereby instructed to use its utmost endeav- 
ors to bring this plan to the attention of every church and to secure its adop- 
tion ; also, the other Boards of this Convention are instructed, and the repre- 
sentatives of the Southern Baptist Convention are requested to co-operate with 
the Board of Missions in securing the cordial acceptance of this plan by all the 
churches of our State. 

N. B. Cor.i;, 
J. W, Perry. 
Theo. Whitfield, 


On motion of Elder A. G. McM.axawav, Rev. Dr. I. T. 
TlCllEXOR was requested to address the Convention on the 
subject matter of the report. 

At the conclusion of Dr. Tk'IIK.xok's able address, the 
report was referred, to the Board of Mi.ssions. 

Bro. N. L. Shaw offered the followinc( : 

Resolved, Tliat the thanks of this body are due, and are hereby cordiall) 
extended to this church, Ilargett Street Baptist church, and churches of other 
denominations, as well as to the citizens of this city, for the generous hospitality 
with which the members of this body have been entertained, and the cordial 
welcome given to us. 



Kisolird; That the thanks of the Convention be extended to such railroads 
and transportation companies as have given reduced rates to delegates and 
friends attending the same. 


Elder T. \V. Babb moved that the Secretaries have 2,000 
copies of the proceedings of the Convention printed and 
distributed, and that they be allowed the usual fee of twenty- 
five dollars for their services. 

The motion prevailed. 

On motion of Elder OvERKV, the Convention adjourned. 


Sunday Night, Nov. i6th, 1884. 

According to adjournment Saturday night, the Conven- 
tion was called together after services, by the President, in 
order to complete any unfinished business. 

On motion, the reading of the proceedings of yesterday 
were dispensed with. 

The President, in thrilling words and affectionate manner, 
returned thanks to the Convention for the forbearance and 
patience shown him as their presiding ofTficer. Setting forth 
to the large congregation present in a synopsical way, the 
actions of the Convention on important matters, showing 
the harmony and brotherly love which had prevailed even 
amidst the grappling of subjects and some necessary changes, 
in which there were some differences of opinion. And that 
our work had been enlarged, our contributions increased, 
which were evidences that much more would be accom- 
plished during this year by the Baptists in the State than 
ever before. 

Remarks were also made by Elder Skinner. 

On motion of Elder DURHAM, the Convention adjourned 


to meet at Reidsviiie, Wednesda}' after the second Sunday 
in November, 1885. 

J. C. ScARHORoucnr, 
X. B. Bkoughton. . President. 

X. L. Shaw, 



First Baptist Church — 11 A. M., Rev. Dr. I. T. Tichenor; 7:30 P. M., 
Rev. R. T. Vann. 

Hargett Street E.\PTiST Church — 11 A. M., Rev. A. G. McManaway; 
7:30 P. M., Rev. H. A. Brown. 

Baptist Mission Chapel, Fayettevillr Sireet — 7:30 P. M., Rev. J. E. 

Baptist Mission, Davie Street — 3 P. M., Rev. C. A. Woodson. 

FTRSTPRESiiYTERiAN Church — 11 A. M., Rev. J. M. McManaway; 4 P. M., 
Rev. M. D. Jeffries. 

Second Presbyterian Church — 11 A. M., Rev. ijco. W. Greene. 

Edentox Street Methodist Church — 11 A. M., Rev. C. Durham; 7:30 
1*. M., Rev. T. W. Babb. 

Person Street Methodist Church — 11 A. M., Rev. George Baker. 

First Baptist Church, Colored — 11 A. M., Rev. S. F. Conrad; 7:30 P. M., 
Rev. C. C. Haymore. 

A. M. E. Church, Colored— 3:30 P. M.. Rev. W. T. Jordan; 7:30 P. ?.L, 
Rev. Geo. W. Greene. 

Brooklyn Methodist Chnrch — Night, Rev. T. J. Rooke. 

Shaw University — 11 A. M., Rev. F. W. Eason. 

Martin Street Bapitst Church, Colored — 3 P. M., Rev. W. T. Jones. 


Was bota ill Chatham covinty, September loth, iSog, and died May 15th, 
J 334, in the 76th year of his age. His father was Richard F"reeman, his moth- 
er's maiden name was Martha Justice, daughter of David Justice. His mother 
died in 1S25, and his father in 1S60. Bro. Freeman professed conversion while 
young, and was baptized by a sainted minister, Elder Harmon, into the fellow- 
ship (we think) of Mount Carmel church, and was soon was licensed to preach the 
gospel. We do not know by whom he v.'as ordained. He married Miss Rebecca 
Jane Cooley, daughter of Bro. Jacob Cooley, of Franklin county, N. C, Octo- 
ber i6th, 183S. He was a member of the Baptist State Convention at Cashie 
church, Bertie county, in 1S34, at Union Camp Ground, Rowan county, in 1S35, 
and at Country Line church, in Caswell county, in 1S36. He served the Con- 
vention as State Missionary in 1835, and ten and a-half months in 1336. li: 
1S37 he was a member of the North Carolina Bible Society which met with the 
Convention at May's Chapel, in Chatham county, and was one of the appointees 
of this Society to represent them in the American and Foreign Bible Society, 
which was held in New York in April, 1S3S. He was one of the Board of Man- 
agers of the North Carolina Baptist Bible Society the same year. In 1S3S he was a 
member of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and presented a report 
on Sabbath schools. In this report h^ stated, " From the best information nov. 
at hand, we suppose there are at this time not far different from 200 schools 
now in operation in this State, in which there are probably between 1,200 and 
1,500 teachers engaged in the instruction of 10,000 or 12,000 scholars." In the 
years iS3S-'39-'-[0 and '41, he was a memlier of the Boards of the Convention. 
During the years of iS40-'4i-'42 and '43, he resided at Wake Forest College 
and kept a boarding house and served some churches as pastor. Dr. Matthew 
T. Yates, in 1S40, at the Convention held at Johnston Liberty church, Johns- 
ton county, N. C, was received as a beneficiary, and boarded the first session 
with Elder Freeman. From W^ake Forest College Elder Freeman moved to 
Franklin county and resided there until his death. 

Elder Freeman served several churches as pastor, among them were Brass- 
fields and Concord, in Granville County, Rogers' X Roads, Rolesville, Heph- 
;:ibah, and Hopkins' Chapel in Wake county, P»plar Spring, Haywood and 
Cypress Chapel in Franklin count)', and Mount Gilead in Chatham county. He 
was a successful and useful pastor, having the entire confidence of his brethren, 
and was blessed under God in bringing many souls to Christ. W^e may call 
him one of the useful ministers of his day. He was a thorough missionary, not 
only did he serve the Convention as a missionary, but he gave of his means 
liberally to the cause of missions at home and abroad. He took the Recorder 
for 52 years, and said in his last days that the more than $100 which he had 
-pent for the Recorder had done him more good than any money lie ever 


spent. He commenced preaching about the same time that Elder George \V. 
Purefoy did; they labored much together, and were a great mutual help the one 
to the other. For several years he was quite deaf, which was a great affliction 
to him, but he did not quit preaching, although frequently^ hindered by the 
feebleness of his health. For the last twenty years, he was punctual to his 
duties when well enough to perform them. His last donation to the endow- 
ment of Wake Forest College was $ioo. 

During his last sickness he was happy and resigned, and told his family to 
put on his headstone, "A sinner saved by grace." One who was present with 
him in his sickness says, " I have never heard of any one during their last days 
and hours being so happy as he was; he rarely ever could speak of death and 
going to Jesus and his mother without crying and shouting." " He preached 
to everybody that came, and told them of Jesus. "' " Often when he was sick 
it was like a revival in his room." He was a man of prayer day or night, in the 
house or on the farm. A member of his family says, "His life lies, out before 
me, and is worth more than worlds to me." Surely a good man has fallen from 
us, but raised to God. His wife is a pious, devoted christian, and was always 
a helpmeet to him, both in his temporal and spiritual labors. He leaves a wife 
and several children to mourn the absence of an affectionate husband and father, 
l)ut with bright anticipations of a glorious meeting above. 

Jame.s S. Purefov. 

Was born in that portion of Orange, now embraced in Durham county, X. C, 
January 23d, 1S14, and died at his residence in Wake county, May 27th, 1SS4, 
having lived three score and ten years. He professed conversion in the fall of 
1S33, and was baptized into Mt. Zion church of the Raleigh Association by 
Elder Thomas Freeman in 1835. He was ordained a deacon of his church, and 
preached as a licentiate as opportunity was afforded. He moved his member- 
ship to New Hope church in Wake county. In 1847 Mt. Zion and other 
churches called forhis ordination and, by request, a council was appointed at the 
session of the Raleigh Association that year for his examination, of which Elder 
John Purefoy was chairman : his examination was satisfactory, and he was sub- 
sequently ordained at his own church by a presbytery composed of Elders W. 
T. Brooks, Willie A. Atkinson and James S. Purefoy, on the fifth Sunday in 
November, 1S47. His work of life was majnly in the Raleigh Association, 
having had some pastorates in the Central, Mt. Zion, Sandy Creek and Little 
River Associations. He was a successful minister : his labors were crowned 
with many additions to his churches. He aided in the constitution of a number 
of churches, some of which owe their origin to his labors. He was well known 
as a teacher in the school-room as well as in the pulpit. He served the Raleigh 
Association a number of years as Clerk and also as Moderator. He was for more 
than 50 years a regular reader of the Bible, and on an average read it through 
once a year. He has left a wife and several children to mourn his absence, but 
who confidently look forward to a glorious union above. 

James S. Pi refoy. 



Udv\\\ CarQliFia Baptist State GenventiQn, 

By the payment of $30 at one time, according to amendment 
to Constitution made in Convention at Oxford, 
October 22, 1849. 

^Vllen, J. S ' Raleigh 

Allen, iMattie O Raleigh 

Allen, \V. O . Wake Forest 

Allen, D. W... . _. .Forestville 

Aclkins, A. B Bethlehem 

Amis, Rufus Henderson 

Ashley, James B . Forestville 

Atkinson, W. H Fayetteville 

Austin, Elder I ). M ^ Monroe 

IJagley, L. W Wake Forest 

Baker, Elder Geo Elizabeth City 

Bailey, Elder C. T Raleigh 

Baldwin, Elder Moses . ^ Pittsboro 

Beachum, Elder E. F Franklinton 

Beasley, Elder J; J Monroe 

Bennett, Elder J. L Polkton 

Bennett, Elder D. K Dysartville 

Biddle, Mary E Fort Barnwell 

Bivens, Elder J. A__ Monroe 

Blackwood, Elder A. D Asheville 

Blake, Thomas W^ Raleigh 

Bogart, Elder C. P Edenton 

Bonner, Mrs. E 

Bostick, Elder G. P Shelby 

Brewer, J. M-..Wake Forest College 

Brown, Elder II. A Winston 

Broughton, N. B Raleigh 

Broughton, Carolina R Raleigh 

Briggs, T. H., Jr... ...Raleigh 

Briggs, Sarah Grandy Raleigh 

Bryan, Elder R. T Louisville, Ky 

Buffaloe, B. B Raleigh 

Buffaloe, M. W Raleigh 

Buffaloe, R. J Raleigh 


Bunch, Elder Jeremiah Windsor 

Bussey. Elder B. W Shelby 

Callendine, Mrs. M. B Raleigh 

Carroll, Elder J. L Le.xington, Va 

Carter, Elder J. E....Hendersonville 

Carter, Mrs. J. E Ilendersonville 

Cheek, C. C". Ore Hill 

Cheek, J. N Durham 

Clark, Hon. C. C . . Newbern 

Cobb, Elder N. B. Hickory 

Cobb, Elder J. H Lumber Bridge 

Cobb , A. J Windsor 

Cooke, C. M Louisburg 

Covington, John B Rockingham 

Crawford, f . D O.xford 

Cross, C. R (jatesville 

Cohen, Elder A. D.. Hamilton 

Dalby, E Durham 

Davis, Elder A. C . . _ Ames 

Davis, Elder E. L. Olive Branch 

/Davis, G. W Wake Forest 

Delke, Prof. J. A Murfreesboro 

Deans, ].iV Murfreesboro 

Deans, .Susanna .Murfreesboro 

Devin, Elder R. I., \'oung's X Roads 

Dixon, Elder A. C Baltimore 

Dixon, Elder T Shelby 

Dodd, Roxanna M Raleigh 

Dockery, Henry C. . . . . . Rockingham 

Downing, Elder J. B White Oak 

Dickson, Elder J. W Whiteville 

Dunn, J. R. Forestville 

Dunn, 1'. A Neuse 



Dunn, S. H Foiestville 

Dunn. W. B Wake Forest 

Dunn, L. C . Neuse 

Dunn, E. S Neuse 

Durham, Elder C Durham 

Durham, Dr. L. N Shelby 

Eason, Elder ¥. W.. Fayetteville 

Ebeltoft, Elder T. \V Shelby 

Elam Elder P. R__. King's Mountain 

Ellis, CD Edenlon 

Ellis, J. W Whiteville 

Edwards, C. B Raleigh 

Evans, Theofhilus Fayetteville 

Faison, A. M Warsaw 

Foote, J. H Dellaplane 

Fowler, H. D California 

Graham, Susan W . Hillsboro 

Graves, W. B Yancey ville 

Griffith, Eld. R. H., Spartanburg, S. C 

Grayson, A. L Rutherfordton 

Gregory, Elder O. F Charlotte 

Grandy , W . S Raleigh 

Grandy. T. T _ -Raleigh 

Gates, B. M . . Newbern 

Godwin , B Lumberton 

Gwaltney, Elder W. R Greensboro 

Gwyn, Elder E. N . . . Elkin 

Harrell. Elder W. B Big Lick 

Harrison, Elder T Rockingham 

Harp, John W - . Raleigh 

Hancock, F. W Newbern 

Hinsdale, W. M Salem 

Herring, Elder D. W.. Louisville, Ky 

Haden, James W Linwood 

Hill, Elder G. W Whiteville 

Hinsdale, H. W Salem 

Home, S. R Morrisville 

Hilliard, J. M Cooper's 

Heck, Minnie C Raleigh 

Heck, J. M . - Raleigh 

Heck, George.. Raleigh 

Heck, Mrs. Mattie Raleigh 

Hoggard, Elder J. N. - Murfreesboro 

Howell, Elder J. K ,.. Selma 

Howell, Virginia C Selma 

Howell, J. M.. Kittrell 

Hardwick, Elder J. B., Bryan, Texas 

Howard, S. L - - Berea 

Hiden, Elder J. C Lexington, Ky 

Hufham, Elder J. D., Scotland Neek 
Hunter, Elder A. D Apex 

Ivey, Elder F. H Georgia 

Ivey, Rufus J Raleigh 

Ivey, Mrs. C Newbern 

James, Elder J. J Yancey ville 

Jenkei?s, Elder C. .V Newbern 

Johnson, P. W \\'ake Forest 

Johnson, R. .\ Rockingham 

Jones, Elder C. G., Jr Leaksville 

Jones, F. B Milton 

Jones, Elder Aaron Richmond, \'a 

Jones, Elder G. S Hendersonville 

fones. Elder F, H Yancewille 

Jordan, Elder W. P Hertford 

Justice, M. H Rutherfordton 

King, Elder J. B Monroe 

Lamberth, Elder J. H Reidsville 

Lassiter, Tames H Henderson 

Lawhon, Elder W. H. H... Carthage 

Lennon, Elder H Orton 

Lindsay, W . R ^L'ldison 

Lougee, Louis O Raleigh 

Lougee, Mrs. A. A Raleigh 

Lougee, Mrs. C. E Raleigh 

Lownes, B Yanceyville 

Luther, Elder J Harrisville 

Lynch, Elder j. T Rocky Mount 

Mailary, Elder R. D Shelbv 

Marsh, Elder R. M Oxford 

ALirkham, J. L Durham 

ALirtin, Edward White Oak 

Mason, Elder J. P Chapel Hii! 

McCullen, Mrs. Lizzie Raleigh 

McDowell, Mrs. ^L A., Murfreesboro 

McGugan, D. W Dundarrach 

McManaway, Elder .\. G., Louisburg 
McManaway, Elder J. M.. .Wilson 

McDuffie, Elder M. V Henderson 

McSwain, Elder A. A Shelby 

Meadows, F. M Oxford 

Mills, L. R Wake Forest College 

Mills, Mrs. L. R__. Wake Forest Col 

Mitchell, Elder T Murfreesboro 

Mitchell, W. W".. ..Winton 

Mitchell, Mrs. ^L J Winton 

Mitchell, T. W...."._- Pitch Landing 

Montague", Elder J. E Bethel Hill 

Montague, B. F . Raleigh 

Moody, Elder R. H Collettsville 

Monroe, Elder John Laurel Hill 

Moore, Elder R. R Greensboro 

Moore, E. S _ . Selma 

Nowell, Elder W. C Clayton 

Overby, Elder R. R Bellcross 

Pace, W. H ..Raleigh 

Pace, Mrs. M. Lula Raleigh 

Parham, Maria Hemlerson 


rarkcr, W. C Murf lecsboro 

ratlei'son, Elder K. A Clalh 

Pendergras, [esse R Wake Forest 

Peele, \V. j'. Raleigh 

Pittman, Polder N. R IMissouri 

Phillips, W. W Salem 

J'oe, Elder E. A Morganton 

Pool, Elder W. A .Lenoir 

Pope, Ann L. . 

Poston, Elder R Shelby 

Poteat.'Mrs. W. L Wake Forest 

Powers,- M Fayetteville 

Purefov, Elder N. A Wake Forest 

Purefov, Elder T. S._.W. F. College 
Purefov, Elder A. F...W. F. College 

Powell, Absalom -. 

Pittman, Elder A. R St. Paul's 

Pritchard, Elder J. P., Crockett, Tex 
Pritchard, Elder T. H. ..Wilmington 
Pritchard, [. P., Jr.. .Virginia 

Ransom, J. M 

Ray, Capt. J. S Neuse 

Ray, John E Raleigh 

Ray, Mrs. John E Raleigh 

Riddick, W. G Raleigh 

Richardson, Elder J. B High Point 

Rooke, Elder T. T Mooresville 

Rollins, Elder G." W Forest Citv 

Rovall, Elder Wni... W. F. College 
Royall, Elder W. B...W. F. College 

Royall, Mrs. W. B W. F. College 

Rovster, ]\Irs. .Mary W Raleigh 

Rollins, Elder W. G.__ Polkton 

Rucker, Dr. J. 1 Rutherfordton 

.Sanders, Elder B Lilesville 

Savage, Elder R. R Murfreesboro 

Scarborough, J. C Raleigh 

Scarborough, Eld. C. W_ Murfreesboro 

Scott, C. R - Morrisville 

Simmons, Lydia . 

Simmons, Prof. W'. G__W. F. College 

Skinner, Elder T. E Raleigh 

.Skinner, Mrs. Annie S.. Raleigh 

Smith, W. B Forestville 

Smith, iMrs. M Newbern 

Speight, Elder John A.. Berkeley, Va 

Stough, Elder A. L. Shelby 

Stradiev, Elder T... Asheville 

Stradley, Elder J. A O.xford 

Tatum, E. W . Wake Forest 

Taylor, Elder C. E.__-\V. F. College 

Taylor, Mrs. C. E W. F. College 

Taylor, Elder G. B Rome, Italy 

Taylor, Elder Jas. B_ .Lexington, Va 

Thomas, R. P Bethlehem 

Timberlake,Mrs. I^I.W.W. F. College 

Toms, James M Rutherfordton 

Towles," Miss Sallie Raleigh 

Tobey, Elder T. W Camden, Ala 

Turner, J. C Statesville 

Underwood, Elder F. R. . .Maryland 

Upchurch, V\'. G Raleigh 

Upchurch, Mrs. W. G Raleigh 

VanDeventer, Elder R Edenton 

Vass, ^V. ^^' Raleigh 

^'t■rnon, Elder J. H_ .Longs X Roads 

Watkins, J. H Wake Forest 

Weathers, F. E Raleigh 

Webb, Elder G. M . . . Shelby 

White, Eld. T. B... Upper Alton. Ill 

White, Elder J. M PI oily Springs 

Whitaker, Mrs. Harriet ..Whitaker's 

Williams, Elder B. B Harrellsvill- 

Williams, Mrs. Sarah .A Raleigh 

Vv'illiamson, B. P ..Raleigh 

Wilson, Miss Carrie Raleigh 

W^ilson, Elder J. C Merry Oaks 

Womble, Jordan, Jr Raleigh 

Womble, Mrs. Amy Raleigli 

Womble, W. T ... Raleigh 

Wood, Elder T. G Laurinburg 

Woodson, Elder D. A . . Bethlehem 

Varbro, Elder J. H Forest City 

Yates, William Green Level 

Yates, Elder ]NL T Shanghai, China 

Yates, Mrs. M. T. ..Shanghai, China 







b s 





o 2 

— ^ c 
. o ^ 

eg :! 


^ I' 

ca' ;l. 

I I' 

2 ' 



~ h r: ^ 

— <= -5 ^ — — 
.-• - • • = '■ „• '^ . • ~ -_: < $: r: 

.S o 

— 'J W< d < 

^ < H s < 6 

O i^ r^co X O — ' ' . r^ r^ r^ 
coaoooco^-'cooo r~t^r--.<-i >-ioo 

ri CI « en 7 ►- « c^on r^ | w 

I I 1 I ,' I I I 1 I O tn I 

f*l W o CO z. O^CFJ viJ u"> ^T •-' t^ t^ 

M N ■-. C) 

>-i CO CO . >-> 

' _^ 



CO -^ 







CO oo 


^ '-' 









- CI 






30000 000 

o o o o o o 

S^OO;2;2;22Z^2;^^ '^. Z^lz;^;?;^ 

Mi; 2 = 

■^^ o = c — 


The next sesbiju of the Convention will be hell at Augusta, Georgia, 
Wcdnesda)', May 6th, 1SS5. 


I'lesident — Patrick flues Mell, D.D., LL. D., Georgia. Vice-President.- — 
Hon. Joseph Emerson Brown, LL. D., Georgia ; William Cai-ey Crane, D.D. 
LL. D., Texas ; Thomas Henderson Pritchard, D.D., North Carolina ; Frank- 
lin Howard Kerfoot, D.D., Maryland. vSecretaries — Lansing Burrows, D,D., 
Georgia ; Rev. Oliver Fuller Gregory, North Carolina. Treasurer — Mr. George 
W. Norton, Kentucky. Auditor — Mr. Nimrod Long, Kentucky. 



President — J. L. M. Curry, Virginia. Vice-Presidents — Josliua Levering, 
Maryland ; J. A. Hackctt, Louisiana ; George Whitfield, Mississippi ; J- L. 
J3urrows, Virginia ; O. F. Gregory, North Carolina ; R. S. Duncan, Missouri; 

B. H. Carroll, Texas ; T. T. Eaton, Kentucky ; W. L. Kilpatrick, Georgia ; 

C. Manly, South Carolina ; J. J. D. Renfroe, Alabama ; J. B. Searcy, Arkansas ; 
L M. Senter, Tennessee ; N. A. Bailey, Florida ; W. F. Atkinson, West Vir- 
ginia. Corresponding Secretury — H. H. Tupper. Treasurer — J. C. Williams. 
Recording Secretary — W. IT. Gwathmey. Auditor — J. F. Cottrell. ■ 

Board of M.vnagers — J. B. Hawthorne, J. B. W^atkins, H. K. Ellyson, 
\V. E. Hatcher, E. Wortham, W. Goddin, H. H. Harris, John Pollard, Jr., 
J. Wm. Jones, A. B. Clark, J. B. Winston, J. B. ITutson, S. C. Clopton, W. 
1). Thomas, C. H. Winston. 



President— John D. Stewart, Georgia. Vice-Presidents — J. W. M. Williams, 
Maryland ; W. N. Chaudoin, Florida ; W. R. L. Smith, Virginia ; C. C. 
Chaplain,* Texas ; M. D. Early, Arkansas ; S. Landrum, Louisiana ; Luther 
Broadus, South Carolina ; A. G. McManaway, North Carolina ; H. F. Sproles, 
Mississippi ; D. W. Gwin, Georgia ; J. J. Taylor, Kentucky ; W^m. H. Strick- 
land, Tennessee ; B. B. Davis, Alabama ; W. Harrison Williams, Missouri. 
Corresponding Secretary — I. T. Tichenor. Treasurer — John H. James. Re- 
cording Secretary — H. H. Cabaniss. Auditor — A. D. Adair. 

Board of Managers — IT. H. Tucker, B. F. Abbott, J. A. Anderson, F. 
M. Daniel, V. C. Norcross, J. S. Lawton, Henry McDonald, 11. C. Hornaday, 
A. P. Stewart, J. T. Pendleton, M. C. Kiser, Jos. E. Brown, George Hillyer, 
\\'m. Crenshaw, M. B. Wharton. 


During the past year there have been in its employ for the whole or part of 
tlie lime 144 Missionaries. Of these there have labored in Alabama 2, Mis- 
souri I, Florida 28, Texas 59, Louisiana 8, California 4, Tennessee i, Indian. 
Territory 19, Arkansas 12, Mississippi i, Georgia 6, Virginia 3. 

WORK OF the year. 

Number of missionaries, 144 ; number of churches and stations, 33S ; week> 
of labor, <3, 540 ; sermons and addresses, 14,818; prayer meetings attended, 
2,779; baptisms, 2,665; received by letter, 1,525 ; total additions, 4,190: Sun- 
day schools, 141 ; teachers and pupils, 5,387 ; miles traveled, 139,929 ; religious 
visits, 20,512 ; pages of tracts distributed, 165,499. 

^■Died Nov. 2cl, ISSI. ■ 

54 Al'l'KXDIX. 



.Uissiiuiarus — \V. J. David, Mrs. David V. A. Eubank, Mrs. Euljr.nk. F. 
M. Myers, C. E. Smith, :\Irs. Smith. 

Xative Pastors — Moses L. Stone, S. L. Milton, Albert Eli., 

Statious — Lagos, Abbeokuta, Ogbomoshaw, Gann, Hausser Farm. 

Statistics — Baptized, 31 ; Pupils, 196 ; Clnirch mem!:)ers, say 125 ; Contribu- 
tions, ^82.5.3. 


Missionaries — George B. Taylor, J. II. Eager, Mrs. Eager, Signors Basile, 
Ferraris, Paschetto, Bellondi, Colombo, Torre, Martinelli, A'olpi, Papengouth. 

Stations — Rome, Torre Pellice, Pinerolo, Milan, \'eniLe, Bologna, Modena, 
Carpi, Bari, Barletta, Naples, Island of Sardinia. 

Statistics — Baptized, 7; .Sunday school scholars, 112; Church membership, 


Tiin'^ C/i07i' Mission — P. O. Chefoo — T. P. Crawford, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. 
S.J.Holmes. :\Iiss L. Moon, N. W. Ilalcoml), C. W. Pruiit, Mrs. Pruitt, M. M. Roberts, E. E. Devault. 

Shanghai Mission— 'SI. T. Yates, Mrs. \'ates, W. S. Walker, Mrs. Walker, 
Miss Ruth McCown, student in Philadelphia, W. J. Ilunnex and Mrs. Ilunnex, 
at Ching-Kiang, J. H. Joiner. .Vativc Pastors — Wong Ping San and See T'ay 
San. with five other native assistants. 

• Canton Mission — R. PL. Gi'aves, Mrs. Graves, Miss Lulu Whilden, E. Z. 
Simmons, Mrs. Simmons, Miss Sallie Stein, Miss Emma Young, F. C. Hick- 
son, Mrs. Hickson, and twenty-four native assistants and Bible women. 

Statistics — Missionaries and native assistants, 5S ; stations and outstations, 
17: Baptized, 65 ; Church members, 61 1 ; Pupils, 306 ; Contributions, $677.39. 


Missionaries — \V. B. Bagby, Mrs. Bagbj', Z. ('. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, and 
one native assistant. 

Stations — Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Barbara. 

Statistics — Bajnized, 20 ; Sunday school scholars, 30 ; Membership, 70. 


Missionaries — W. D. Powell, Mrs. Powell, W. M. Flournoy, Mrs. Flournoy. 
Miss Annie J. Mayberry and Miss Tupper. 

A'atiz'c Pastor — Profeiro Rodriquez, with six native assistants. 

Stations — Saltillo, Progreso, Juarez, .Sabinas, Musquez. 

Statistics — Baptized and received by letter, 52 ; Scholars, 40 ; Clnncli mem- 
bers, 117. 

The numi)er of our missionaries, native and foreign, is 95 ; their stations and 
out-stations are 42 ; the increase of memliership has been 175 ; the pupils of 
the Sunday and day schools number 6S4 ; our church membership is 1,141 ; t!it 
contributions on the fields amount to $1,077 ; the home receipts have been 
$80,465.87. The work is expanding signally in each of tlie five continents in 
which our missionaries labor. Next year at least five chapels should be built, 
and at least ten additional missionaries should be sent out. Our Mexican en- 
terprise needs a heavy outlay of money. Into all our advances the ]<oard has 
]>een led seemingly by the hand of Providence. The past inspires gratitude ; 
the futuie stimulates faitli. The Board expects to go forward, depending on 
the lijjerality of the churches and claiming the promise of the S.iviour : " Ar.d. 
Ml, T am with you alwny, even unto the end of the world.'" 

Ai'i'Kxnrx. 55 



I'lesident— J. C. Scarborough. Vice-Presidents — M. C. Dockery, Elder J. 
B. Richardson, D. R. P. Thomas. Treasurer — Fabius H. Briggs. Recording 
Secretaries — N. B. Broughton, N. L. Shaw. Auditor — W. N. Jones. Corre- 
sponding Secretary — John E. Ray. Auditor Sunday School Supply Store — John 
T. Pnllen. 

Trustees OF tup: Convention — C. Durham, C. M. Cooke, \V. H. Pace, 
T. H. Briggs, Jr., L. R. Mills. 


K. T. Vann, President. D. W. Allen, L. W. Bagley, ]. M. Brewer, L. 
Chappell, P. A. Dunn, W. B. Dunn, P. W. fohnson,^W. C. Lankford, L. R. 
]\Iills, W. C. Powell, J. B. Powers, F. M." Purefoy, J. S. Purefoy, W. L. 
Poteat, Wm. Royall, W. B. Royall, W. B. Smith, W. G. Simmons, C. E. 
Taylor, A. R. Vann. 


X. B. Broughton, President, John E. Ray, Corresponding Secretary. J. S. 
Allen, T. H. Briggs, Jr., J. M. Broughton, T. C. Birdsong, S. H. Fleming, C. 
S. Farriss, W. R. Gwaltney, J. M. Heck, W. N. Jones, J. C. Marcom, L. L. 
Polk, W. J. Peele, T. E. Skinner, J. C. Scarborough, W. G. Upchurch, B. P. 
Williamson, H. H. Powell, A. D. Hunter. 


W. H. Pace, President, John E. Ray, Corresponding Secretary. ]. H. 
Alford, G. M. Allen, C. T. Bailey, H. W. Battle, Noah Biggs, N. B. 
Broughton, J. S. Bridges, T. W. Babb. T. H. Briggs, Jr., J- P. Brewer, 
Alvin Betts, B. W. Bussey, H. A. B'-own, C. M. Cooke, ' N. B. Cobb, 
H. C. Dockery, E. L. Davis, P. A. Dunn, C. Durham, C. B. Edwards, 
F. W. Eason. G. J. Fisher, E. Frost, W. A. Graham, W. R. Gwalt- 
ney, O. F. Gregory, C. C. Haymore, J. M. Heck, F. P. Flobgood, T- 
D. Hufham, B. D. Howard. W. W. Holden, J. N. Holding, F. H. 
Jones, J. D. Joyner, C. A. Jenkens, C. B. Justice, W. N. Jones, M. D. 
Jeffries, W. M. Kennedy, Haynes Pennon, W. C. Lankford, R. H. Marsh. 
B. F. Montague, E. S. Moore. A. G. McManaway, J. M. McManaway, R. R. 
Overby, J. W. Perry, B. 'H. Phillips, T. H. Pritchard, H. W. Rein- 
hart, J. B. Richardson, R. R. Savage, J. C. Scarborough, N. L. Shaw, T. E. 
Skinner, T. T. Speight, J. A. Stradley, ]. W. Smith, R. P. Thomas, R. T. 
Vann, Dr. C. J. Watkins, John Watson, J. T. Webb, G. M. Webb, J. Wom- 
ble, Jr., T. G. Wood, E. VV. Wootten, W. L. Wright. 


.President — F. P. Hobgood, Oxford, N. C. Vice-President — Rev. PL W. 
Battle, Wadesboro, N. C. Treasurer — Rev. C. .S. Farriss, Raleigh, N. C. Sec- 
retary — J. M. Broughton, Raleigh, N. C. • 




President — Rev. W. W. Wells. Secretary and Treasurer — C. E. Lee. 

Dr. John Mitchell, Chairman, \V. W. Wells, Secretary. E. J. Morgan, T- M- 
Milliard, J. C. Sams, J. H. Stradley. C. C. Matthews, N. B. Cobb, L". W. 
Sams, T. M. Honeycutt, J. D. Franks. S. M. Collis, John Ammons, J. E. 
Carter, J. B. Boone, W. A. Roberson, D. T. Millard, S. J- Morgan, C. E. I,ee, 
I. H. Gorenflo, Joseph Roberson. 


Elder W. W. Wells, Secretary, S. J. Morgan, C. E. Lee, President. T. M. 
Honeycutt. W. T. Bradley, J. R. Patterson, T- B. Freeman, T. P. Morgan, 
(Morgan Hill), W. H. Roberson, A. I. Justice", I. H. Gorenflo, J. C. Sams, W. 
A. Green, E. L. Clark, and John Ammons. 


Elders I. B. Boone, G. S. Jones, G. C. Briggs, Secretaiy and Treasurer, W. 
A. G. Brown, F. M. Jordan, "C. M. Pace, J. E. Carter, D. B. Nelson, C. E. 
Lee, J. M. C. Luke and T. J. Rickman. 



President — Rev. J. B. Boone. Professor.s — G. C. Briggs, W. A. P. Brown, 
Miss Chetta Darden, Miss Rosa Ilines, J. C. C. Dunford. 

The College has been greatly improved and has a large patronage. It is the 
Collecre of the Western Convention. 


Iacultv — C. E. Taylor, B. Lit. (Univ. of Va.), President and Professor of 
Latin ; W. G. Simmons, A. M., Professor of Physical Science and Chemistry ; 
W. B. Royall. A. M., Professor of Greek: L. R. Mills, A. M., Professor 'of 
Pure Mathematics; W. Royall, A. M., D.D., Professor of Modern Languages; 

\V. L. Poteat, A. B., Professor of Natural History; , Professor 

of Moral Philosophy; E. G. Beckwith, A. B., Tutor of Mathematics; W. F. 
Marshall, B. L., Tutor of Languages; L. R. Mills, Bursar; W. L. Poteat, 
Secretary and Keejjer of Rolls; W. G. Simmons, Curator of Library and Read- 
ing Room. Commencement week begins Tuesday after 2d Sunday in June. 

Board OK Trustees — J. S. Allen, C. T. Bailey, N. Biggs, G. W. Blount, 
J. B. Boone, N. 15. Cobb, C. M. Cooke, H. C. Dockery, P. A. Dunn, C. Dur- 
ham, (i. R. French, W. R. Gwaltney, (. M. Heck, F. P. Hobgood, J. D. 
Huf ham, F. M. lordan, S. S. Lea, R. H. Marsh, T. Mitchell, W. H. Mitchell. 
E. S. Moore, R. "R. Overby, T. 11. Pritchard, W.'H. Pace, L. L. Polk, James 
Poteat, F. M. Purefoy, J. S. Purefoy, J. B. Richardson, J. W. F. Rogers, G. 
\y. Sanderlin, R. R. Savage, J. (J. Scarborough, T. E. ."^kinner, G. W. Thomp- 
son, A. R. Vann, W. W. \'ass. 

OVFICERS OF the Board — President — T. E. Skinner, D.D. Treasurer— 
W. G. Simmons. Secretaiy — W. H. Pace. 

Executive Commiitee — C. T. Bailey, P. A. Dunn. C. Durham, W. R. 
Gwaltney, J. M.' Heck, C. A. Cook, W. II. Pace, J. S. Purefoy, J. C. Scarbo- 
rough, T. E. .Skinner. 






Alison - . 
Beulah... _ _ 
Brier Creek 
Brushy Mountain 
Buncombe County 
Cape Fear 
Catawba River 
Cedar Creek 






Flat River 

French Broad 

Green River 

Henderson County 


J eff erson 

King's Mountain 


Little River 

Mitchell County 

Mt. Zion 

New Found 

l*ee Dee 


Roan Mountain 


Rocky River 

Sandy Creek 

South Fork 

South River 

South Yadkin 

Tar River 

Three Forks 



Union . 

Valley River 
West Chowan 

=-'\Statistics of 1 883. 




AlDcrnathy, R. P Murphy 

Abernathy, W Happy Home 

Adams, ] _. Mulberry 

Adams, K. J - - Mt. Xebo 

Adams, J. P -. . . . Jonesville 

Adderton, W. S Denton 

Albritton, J. T Mt. Olive 

Alderman, A. E Hawley's Store 

Allison, E Waynesville 

Amnions, John Morgan Hill 

Ammons, V Charleston 

Aman, D. F Sneed's Ferry 

Angel, James Booneville 

Annas, f. R. J Hudsonville 

Ashley, "ft. W Wilkesboro 

Askew, Williamson^. -Elizabeth City 

Atkinson, J. W.. Rogers' Store 

Austin, D. M Monroe 

Ayers, J . W Pakersville 

A.\, L Huallatown 

Babb, T. \V Wiggins' X Roads 

Bailey, C T Raleigh 

Baker, G. Elizabeth City 

Baldwin, T. M Columbia Factory 

Baldwin, M Pittsboro 

Barlow, J. B Wilmington 

Barber, B. F Windsor 

Barker. A. N New Hope 

Barkley, J. G . . Battleboro 

Barnes, K Sterling's Mills 

Barnes, S. D Dinsmore 

ISattle, H. W Wadesboro 

Beacham, E. F .. .. Franklinton 

Beamer, W. H Pine Ridge 

Beasley, J. M Fayetteville 

Beasley, j.J Monroe 

lieck, A. \V Davidson River 

P.eck, M. P Worthville 

Bell, J. W... Clinton 

Best, E. A - Richlands 

Best, G. S - Kenansville 

15ennett, Joel Shallotte 

Bennett, J. L Monroe 

Bennett, J. M Mt. Gilead 

Bennett, D. K .Morganton 

Berry, W. C East Laport 

Bctts. Allen Winslow 

Belts, Alvin Raleigh 

Bivens, J. A . .Monroe 

Blackwood, A. D \sheville 

Bland, William Harrell's Store 

Blanton. J. H Fair Bluff 

Bly the, J Saluda 

Bogart, C. P Edenton 

Boone, J. B Hendersonville 

Booth, J. H.. Lexington 

Bostick^ W. .M Palmersville 

Bostick, G. P Shelby 

Bradley, J. D_ Vanceville 

Bradley, W. T Morgan Hill 

Brassington, J. T Morven 

Brendle, E. D Webster 

Bright, T M ills Springs 

Bridgers, J . M Shelby 

Briggs, H . W .Ivy Gap 

Briggs, W ... Shiloh 

Briggs, W. K . . . _* Briggsville 

liritt, J. L Warsaw 

Brooks, G. W ... Cherryfiehl 

Brooks, J . N Mulberry 

Brown, C. C Buck Shoal 

Brown, M. M East Laport 

Brown, ^^'. G Hamptonville 

Brown, H. .A . . , Winston 

Brown, J. H Goshen 

Brown , Asi 

Brumiield, J Dallas 

Brunt, William White Oak 

Bryan, J. M.. Roman's Bluff 

Brvan, L . . Eliza'oethtow n 

Bryan, R. T Chapel Hill 

Buchanan, C. N Webster 

Buchanan, J. I^ Webster 

Buchanan, E. Bakersville 

]>uchanan, S Big Meadow 

Buchanan, W. S ISakersville 

Buchanan, L Plum Tree 

Buchanan, W. G Ledger 

Buckner, I .Big Laurel 

Buie, D. .\ Fayetteville 

Bullard, D. S Clay Fork 

Bumgarner, W . J ..... Swanncr 

Bumgarncr, J Camp Cieek 

Bunch, E Gatesville 

Burcham, R. M . . . . _ Elkin 

f5urfoot, .v. \V Columbia 

Bussey, B. W Shelbv 

Byrd, W. F Byrd 

Calder, J. W. Harper's X Roads 

Calown, .\. G .Klbemarle 

Campbell, A. N Winslow 

Campbell, T.J Island Ford 

Campbell, C. M Forks of Pigeon 

( 'amp1)ell, Neal .._ 



Cmtcr, \Vm. II ... . Grayson 

Canick, Thomas. Greenville 

Carswell, J- W '.'. . Ivlorganton 

*-'arter, 15. H Albemarle 

Carter, T Head of Tennessee 

Carter, Joseph E Henderson ville 

Case, C. C.-. \Vhite Oak Hall 

Cashwell, C. S Kinston 

Castepbens, T. D Mt. Nebo 

Caudle, J- H Quaker Gap 

Childers, W. K . Taylorsville 

Church, A. S Buffalo Cove 

Church, G. H Hendersonville 

Churchill, O Chalk Level 

Clark, L. D St. Paul's 

Clark. F. P . Lenoir 

Clenny, L. M . . . Ford 

Cobb, N. B Hickory 

Cobb, J. H Lumber Bridge 

Cohen, A. D Hamilton 

Collis, S. M Bakersville 

Collins, J. W Chalk Level 

Connally, J. K Asheville 

Conner, W. H Ocona Lufta 

Conrad, S. F Lewisville 

Conway, D. W Baton 

Cook, George Bakersville 

Coppedge, G. W Moore's Mills 

Corn, A. J Crab Tree 

Corn, M Green River 

Cornsilk, A Cheoah 

Creech, W St. Charles 

Crews, R. W German ton 

Croom, H. M ._ Wallace 

Crouch, Jacob Taylorsville 

'-"rutchfield, E . Liberty 

David, E Taylorsville 

Davis, J. D Raleigh 

Davis, A. C Concord 

Davis, P^. L Olive Branch. 

Davis, H Trail Brancii 

Davis, J. \V Polkton 

Denny, J. C Gold Hill 

Denton, j. R Dysartsville 

Devin, R. I Oxford 

Deweese. VV Aquone 

Deweese, L i Mar's Hill 

Dickson, J. W . Whiteville 

Dixon, T ..Shelby 

Dow, D. B . Cerro Gordo 

Dowell, G. J Eagle Rock 

. Dowell, W . Jennings' Mills 

Dowell, J Jennings' Mills 

Downing, J. B Cedar Creek 

Driver, R. P .Earpsboro 

Duckv/orth, J. H Brevard 

Duke, G. M Hilliardston 

] )uncari, H. J Clinton 

Duncan, J. \VH Ledger 

Duncan, L. EC ....Lexington 

Duncan, T. M" Beaver Creek 

Dunn, C... - Cherryfield 

Durham, C . Durham 

Eason, F. W Favetteville 

Ebeltof t, T. W '- . Shelby 

Edwards, E. J Cedar Creek 

Edwards, O. T_.Mt. Vernon Springs 
Edwards, W. H.,Wake Forest College 

Elam, P. M King's IMountain 

Eller, J. F.s 

Ellington, J. F .Clayton 

?]nsley, \V Webster 

Faison, J . P Harrell's Store 

Farthing, A. C Sweet Water 

Farthing, J . A Sweet Water 

Farthing, R. P Sweet Water 

Farriss, C. S ^Louisville, Ky 

Faulkner, J. K Lincobiton 

Felniet, C . Shelby 

Ferrell, M. S ."__ Green Level 

Fisher, Y) Fine's Creek 

Fisher, T. G Roslin 

Fisher, R Blocker's 

Fleetwood, J. C MargaretsviDe 

Flemming, R. T Hartland 

Forman, C. C ... - Ford 

Forester, J. S Brier Creek 

Franklin, J. K Kapp's Mills 

Franklin, M . . Bakersville 

Freeman, F. .^[ Forest City 

Fulford, W. J Franklinton 

Fuquay, S. W Sulphur Springs 

Gilbert, R. M Blue Ridge 

Gilliland, D Elizabeth City 

Gilmore, S Bear Creek 

Gilreath, A.. Cedar Run 

Goodin, A Sweet Home 

Goforth, J. A Big Pine Creek 

Goforlh, S. S . - Lovelace 

Gore, J. W Whiteville 

Gourley, Robert _ . Winston 

Gower, C. E Carthage 

Graham, W. H Swann's Station 

Gray, W. F Buck Shoal 

Green, L. H Bakersville 

Green, P. G Stecoah 

Green, S. M '. Bakersville 

Greene, G. W Moravian Falls 

Greene, jVL L Bethlehem 

Gregory, O. F. Charlotte 

Gregory ,t J. N Elkin 

Gurganus, J. W Abbottsburg 

(jwaltney, L. P Cedar Run 

Gwaltney, J. P York Institute 



Gwaltney, \\". R ...Greensboro 

Gwaltney, J. S Little Yadkin 

Gwyn. E. N '. .Elkin 

Hackney, D Kimbollon 

Hackney, '. D..Mt. \'ernon Springs 

Hagaman, Jacob 

Haithcock, U. V Albemarle 

Hamner, W. H Thomasville 

Hamrick, G. P Whitaker's, S. C 

Hardaway, J. S Oxford 

Harman, D. C Sugar Grove 

Harman, A. J \Vatauga Falls 

Harman, J . M 

Harper, K. D Hilliardston 

Harrell, T. B Wake Forest College 

Harrell, D Windsor 

Harrell, \Villiam Forest City 

Harrell, H. D .Forest Citv 

Harrell, W. B Big Lick 

Harrill, Z. D ' Forest City 

Harris, J. A _ Lynch 

Harris, \V Kapp's Mills 

I larrington, S. H Bakersville 

Harrington, E. P Efird's Mills 

Harrison, T Rockingham 

Hawkins, R. N Boiling Springs 

Hayes, William Manteo 

Haymore, C. C Mt. Airy 

Haynes, L N Dellaplane 

Haynes, Forks of Pigeon 

Heartsell, J- W Wadesboro 

Heartsell, E. .\ Milton's Store 

Heatherly. A Flat Rock 

Hilburn, S. W Robeson's 

Hilburn, R. M Clarkston 

Hildebrand, A Warlick's Mills 

Hildebrand, L M_ ..Enola 

Hill, G. W^ Whiteville Depot 

Hill, A. H Cedar Hill 

Hires, .V. J.. Kinston 

Hocut, f. C Dayton 

Hodge. "J. 1" - - - - Pool 

Hoggard, J . N . . . . , M urf reesboro 

Holbert, John Mill's Springs 

HollandcK J. W Plum Tree 

Hollar, 1 _ . '. Zimmerman 

Hollar, E Zimmerman 

Holleman, J . M Apex 

Hollifield, A. P..-. .Forest City 

Honeycutt, W. H Whitleys 

Honeycutt, T. M Ivy Gap 

Honeycutt, Samuel ^ . . . . Ivy Gap 

Hooker, J. W Leicester 

Hooper, L. W ... Rich Mountain 

Hopkins W. J t^rovvell's 

Horn, E. A ...River Hill 

Horner, 'I*. L - - - Henderson 

1 ortbn. O. C ... Elizabeth Citv 

Howell, J. K Selma 

Howell, Jesse Green Level 

Hoyle, M. B Flinty Branch 

Hoyle, J. A Cherry ville 

Hufham, J. D., D.D. .Scotland Neck 

Hufham, Ci. W Warsaw 

Hull, W. F Mull's Grove 

Humphries, C. F Oxford 

Hunt, T. J Westvillc 

Hunter, A. D Apex 

Hunnycut, R . Hawley's Store 

Irvin, A. C . Shelby 

Israel, L. Y 1 Hominy Creek 

Ivey, S Ashpole 

Jackson, John Quallatown 

James, R. H Euto 

1 ames, T • 1 Yancevville 

Jeffries," AI. D Chapel' Hill 

Jenkins, C. A. Newbern 

Johnson, J. C Grayson 

Johnson, E. D St. Paul's 

Jones, N. S ... Roger's Store 

Jones, A. T Poor's Ford 

Jones, E. F Trade, Tenn 

Jones, F. H Yancevville 

Jones, G. S Hendersonville 

[ones, L R Smithfield 

Jones, R. T ..Flat Rock 

Jones, W. T...... ...Beaufort 

Jones, C. G., Jr Yancey ville 

Jordan, F. M Cooper's Station 

Jordan, James Troy 

f ordan, J Roaring River 

Jordan, W. P Hertford 

Jordan, W. T Lumberton 

Jordan, Y New Hope 

Judd, H. D Jonesboro 

Justice, A. .\... W'tst's Mill- 
Justice, C. B Rutherfordton 

Justice, T. IJ. Mills' Spring 

Justice, A. I .-Xshevilk- 

Kelly, I). C Clarkston 

Kennedy, W. M Warsaw 

Kerlee, J as .Taylorsville 

King, B. F Windsor 

I I'^ing. J- E . Tradesville, S. C 

I King, \V. G Osgood 

King, H. B Matthew., 

I Kitchen, A. E Greensbop' 

! Kivett, M. D Libert) 

j Knight, W. B Snow Hiii 

I Knight, D. M... King's Creek 

Knight, W. F.-.. 

I,aml)erth, J. H Reidsvillc 

Lambreth, William Salisbui y 



Land, L . North Fork 

• Lanier, Benjamin Level Plains 

Lansdell, J. J . .Durham 

Landrum, M. M Tryon City 

Lawhon. W. H. H Carthage 

Leary, T. J Harlowe 

Leatherman, J. F Hull's X Roads 

Lee, J. P Reynoldson 

Leggett, B Windsor 

Lennon, II Orton 

Lennon, J. P Robeson's 

Lequeux, PL D Monbo 

Lewellyn, J. H Dobson 

Little, W. "F Zoar 

Littleton, ]. R ..Albemarle 

Littleton, J. \V Albemarle 

I^ogan, \V. H Ayr 

Long, B. Franklin 

Long, M. P Franklin 

Long, John Quallatown 

Lovett, W Princeton 

Luke, J. M. C . .Waynesville 

Lynch, A. O.. ... Green Plill 

Lynch, T. T . Alma 

Mace, G. \V Roman's Bluff 

Mace, W. D... Plum Tree 

Macomson, M. V . . Morganton 

Maget, W. I Currituck C. H 

Mallary, R. D Shelby 

Marsh, R. H Oxford 

Marsh, J • B Catawba 

Marshall, J- A Hamburg 

-Martin, B. H Happy Home 

Martin, J- H Long Town 

Martin, N Red Banks 

Marshburn, J. Q Fine's Creek 

Mason, J. P Chapel Hill 

Mason, M Cherrylield 

Matthews, O. M Clinton 

Matthews, B Buck Shoal 

Matthews, J. R Powellsville 

May, M Aquone 

May, S. S Cross Roads Church 

Maynard, |. R ISIorrisville 

McBride, A.J 

McCurry, L Dysartsville 

v< cClendon. J. J Ansonville 

McDevitt, J. M Marshall 

McDevitt, P Marshall 

McDuffie, M. V Henderson 

McFaddin, J. A Rutherfordton 

McManaway, J. M Wilson 

McManaway, A. G Louisburg 

McMahan, A Poor's Ford 

McMillan, D. C Leesville 

McMillan, Jf. F. Grist's 

McNeil, M"ilton Wilkesboro 

McSwain , A. A Shelby 

McSwain, L. II.. .. Whitaker's, S. C 

Meadows, W. C Moravian Falls 

Medlock, Stephen Taylorsville 

Melvin, W. S White Oak 

Melvin, W. .\ Harrell's Store 

Mercer, N Lumberton 

Merchant, Franklin 

Metcalf, J Briggsville 

Miles, J _ _ _ French Broad 

Miller, J Fair View 

Mingus, C. B Pigeon River 

Miniz, W Shufordsville 

Mitchell, lohn, D.D Asheville 

Mizzell, .M. D Windsor 

Monroe, John Laurel Hill 

Montague, J. E Bethel Hill 

Montague, E. J Gibbon's 

Montague, J. P Tally Ho 

Moore, J. F Carthage 

Moore, G. P Pittsboro 

Moore, R. A _ _ Saxapahaw 

Moore, R. R Greensboro 

Moore, Job 

Moore, Warren Patterson 

Morgan, B. L Stecoah 

Morgan , E Hominy Creek 

Morgan, E. J Hominy Creek 

Morgan , W. C Robbinsville 

Morgan, S. J Morgan Hill 

Morris, J. ¥ Stanley Creek 

Morton, FI Thomasville 

Morton, W. B Albemarle 

Morton, S. D Ansonville 

Moss, A. H Cherryville 

Mullinax, T. H l*>winsville 

Murchison, IX C Gulf 

Murchison, C. M Hickorv 

Myers, W. A Zion 

Myers, A. V. Round Mountain 

Nelson, C. T Goldsboro 

Nelson, D. B Horse Shoe 

Newberrv, T. B Rockingham 

Newell, G. W Mapleville 

Newton, R Fayetteville 

Newton, I. T Fayetteville 

Newton, C. C Chapel Plill 

Norris, H. W Ballentine's Mills 

Nowell, W. C Clayton 

Nowell, A. J Eagle Rock 

Olive, Johnson ..Holly Springs 

Oliver, P Little Yadkin 

Oliver, W. B Mt. Olive 

Ollis, W. FI Plum Tree 

Overby, R. R Belcross 

Overton, W. C Harrellsville 

Owens, W. C Arlington 

f)weii, S. C Rich Mountam 



O wen , J . 1^ - - Hamburg 

Owl, S Qu.iUalown 

Oxford, Isaac Downsville 

]*age, W. M Ilawley's Store 

Page, S. C Uhodes 

Pannel), M Shelby 

Pardue, A. F Wilkesl^oro 

Parham, H. P Sandy Mush 

Parson, W. C Dav Book 

Parns, T. W Eagle jNIills 

Patterson, R. A Gatli 

Patterson, H Hendersonville 

Patton, R. L Globe 

Pearce, Edward Merrv Hill 

Peek, J.W Bee Log 

Peele, R. E Pantego 

Pendergrass, J . F Marion 

Pennell, A. M Little River 

Perdieu, W. H Jonesville 

Perkinson, L. C Warren Plains 

Pernell, P. H Wadesboro 

Pernell, M. R Franklinlon 

I'erry, ]. W . - - Statesville 

Phillips, W Mt. Airy 

Phillips, B. H Reidsville 

Pinner, R Burnsville 

Pinner, O , . . . . Bald Creek 

Pipes, L 

Pitchford, J. A Litt[eton 

Pittman, A. R St. Paul's 

Pittard, G. N Young's X Roads 

Plemmons. J Big Pine Creek 

Poe, A. E Morgan ton 

Poindexter, T. H Richmond Hill 

Pool, J . B Taylorsville 

Pool, C. C Taylorsville 

Pool, W. A ^ , Lenoir 

Pool. D. W Cedar Run 

Pope, \V. B Smithville 

Poston, R Shelby 

Poston, !•". H ..Patton's Home 

Poivell, C. L Cerro Gordo 

Presnell, James 

Prevatt, F _ _ Lumberton 

Prevalt, F. A Lumberton 

•Privett, I. T Wilkesboro 

Prevatt, J. T Lumberton 

Pritchard. T. H., D. D.. Wilmington 

Proctor, J. L.. 

Pniitt, N_ Knob Creek 

Pugh, J. M Randleman 

Purefoy, J. S Wake Forest College 

Purefoy, N. A.. Wake Forest College 
Putnam, J. W Little Rock Creek 

Queen, B. N. Wolf Mountain 

Queen, L. F 1 East T>aport 

liadford, Levi Princeti.'/ 

Ray, D. J Smiihburg 

Reader, B. S Raywood 

Rector, J, A Morganto! 

Redmond, A Nev/ Ho; 

Redwine, J. F Fork Churcii 

Reece, LV Forks of Pigeon 

Register, J. M White Hall 

Richardson, ]. B High Point 

Rickman, P. E West's M ills 

Riddle, H. B Big Pine Creek 

Roberts, E Big Pine Creek 

Roberts, I). J Cherry Lar.e 

Robertson, W. A Bald Creek 

Robertson, V\' Ledger 

Rochelle, J . J Jackson 

Rogers, J . \\'. F Apex 

Rollins, G. W !. Forest City 

Rollin.-., W. G Polkton 

Rooke, T. J Mooresville 

Roper, S. A Jackson Hill 

Royall, W. B Wake Forest College 

Royall. Wm., D. D., Wake For. Col 

Ruppe, John Nicholsonvilh.- 

Russell, W. W Albemarle 

Salts, J. M Charleston 

Sams, L. W Grantville 

Sanderlin, G. W La Grange 

Sandling. R. C. Mt. Olive^ 

Saunders, B Lilesville 

Savage, R. R Como 

Scarboro, C. W Murfreesboro 

Seagraves, W.. Jonesvillu 

Sellers, Lorenzo Supply 

Sentcll, R. A Forks of Pigeon 

Sessoms, R. M Lumberton 

Sheets, Henrv -. Salem Church 

Shell, J. T.-'. Petra Mills 

Sheraill, I. T. S — -(,)uallatown 

Sherrill, T.C Petra Mills 

Sherwood, J. J. L Sugar Grove 

Silver, J . . Ledger 

Silver, T Burnsville 

Simmons, S. F Clingman 

Skinner, T. E., I). D.. Raleigh 

Sledge, J. W Cedar Rock 

Smiley, J. M Charleston 

Smith, J. A Ashpolc 

Smith, J. L Energy 

Smith, J. W. Byrdsville 

Snider, D. A _ Beaver Dam 

Sparks, J . C Bakersville 

Speight, T. T Gatesville 

Speight, J. A. Berkley, Va 

Spivey, H. S Clinton 

Splawn, W. S Wake Forest College 

StaUings, J. N Thomasville 

Stewart, T. L Clinton 



Stoker, A. 1' ,. Denton 

Stough, A. L Shelb)' 

■Stradlcy, J. A Oxford 

Stradley, T Asheville 

Siringfield, O. L Wakefield 

Styers, J. T Shelby 

Swain, E. L Supply 

Taquetta, .' Cheoah 

Taylor, C. E Wake Forest College 

Taylor, J . H _ ^ Grassy Knol) 

Taylor, E. L Rutherfordton 

Taylor, D. G Taylorsville, \"a 

Tew, D. W .Beaman's X Roads 

Tew, J. O Huntlev 

Thayer, W. N \ 

Tfiomas, I. W Boone 

Thompson, S. H Lexington 

Thompson, K Edwards.ville 

Thomasson, D. W Cool Springs 

Townsend, J. T Fayetteville 

Tritt, Peter Taylorsville 

Tupper, H. M Raleigh 

Turner, William Salem 

Tuttle, J. F Salisbury 

Tynch, J Edenton 

Upton, T. W Stanley Creek 

Utley, J Morehead City 

VanDeventer, R Edenton 

Vann, R. T Wake Poorest College 

Vernon, J- H Long's X Roads 

Vernon, j. T__ Madison 

Vipperman, J • H M t. Airy 

Wallen, S ..Big Laurel 

Ward, E Wake Forest College 

Weaver, Amos Clayton 

Webb, G. M Shelby 

Weils, W^ W^ Asheville 

West, T. H Cedar Vallev 

West, W. C Fayetteville 

^^'ester, D Laurel 

White, T- L Winston 

While, t. ]\I HoUv Springs 

White, T. W ... M'erry Hill 

Whitener, P. A Morganton 

Whitfield, T., D. D Goldsboro 

Whitt, J i\Iars Hill 

\\ilborn, D Boomer 

Willcox, A. G Brinkleyville 

Wilcoxin, D. W Cranberry 

Wilcoxon, Wr.i Elk X Roads 

Wild, J. R Big Pine Creek 

Wilhoit, G. O Ansonville 

V\"ilkie, T Rutherfordton 

Wilkie, "W. J Bear Wallow 

VN'illiams, A. J Kapp's Mil].- 

Williams, C Forks of Pigeon 

^^'i]liams, B. B Harrellsville 

Williams, E. C Matthew.- 

Willis, W. W Lumberton 

WiUoughby, M.J Taylor 

Wilson, J. C '- Merry Oak.- 

Wilson, W. H Madison 

Wilson, Samuel Bee Log 

Wood, T. G Laurinburg 

Woodruff, W. B Elkii\ 

Woodson, C. A Enfield 

W'oodson, D. A Murfreesboro 

Woodson, J. S . .Burningtown 

Wooter, E. W Whiteville 

Wooten. R. W Clingman 

Wright, D Troy 

Wright, L D Franklin 

Wright, T Zimmerman 

Wright, W. L Hillsboro 

Wright, N Lark 

Varboro, J. H Forest City 

Varborough, A _ _ . _ . Lexington 

Young. T. W Kelvin Grove 

Vouna. P. R Fine's Creek 

^ ;i»:^-^vp^«?P*^^ ^' 

• . jA I .wff^- ^wKLT Sig 


T^SE '^s^